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Ask a dietitian is a specialized service offered for our users and readers. Get answers to your Diet and Nutrition related questions. Ask a question in easy steps and get going with your healthy living plan.

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Ask a dietitian

  1. 1. Do you have questions relatedDo you have questions relatedto diet??to diet??
  2. 2. Do you have following questions inDo you have following questions inyour mind??your mind?? Sugar intake leads to diabetes? Can green tea helps in losing weight? Which type of cooking oil is healthy?Get Your AnswersNow!
  3. 3. Can excessive sugar intake leads toCan excessive sugar intake leads todiabetes?diabetes? The answer to this is ‘NO’ Though it doesn’t directly cause diabetes, it indirectlyadds up to the risk. Extra carbohydrates (may it be simple sugar or anyother refined foods) get stored in the body as ‘FATS’,abdominal area being the most common place for theirdeposition. This abdominal obesity in turn is aforerunner to diabetes.
  4. 4. Does drinking green tea helps inDoes drinking green tea helps inweight loss?weight loss? Green tea helps in weight loss in indirect way. It helps in improving your BMR. Basal metabolic rate isthe minimal energy required by the body to carry outbodily functions. To lose weight one must aim to increase the BMR.
  5. 5. Which type of cooking oil is best toWhich type of cooking oil is best toconsume?consume? No single oil is recommended for good health. One should always go for combination of oil as everyoil has different ratio of fatty acids. You can include different types of oils like groundnutoil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil etc. Do not ever mix two oils together, always use themseparately.
  6. 6. More Questions??More Questions??Don’t have time to meet Dietitian?Don’t have time to meet Dietitian?Easily access JFH Ask A Dietitian serviceOur registered Dietitians will answeryour questions on prioritySend a question and get an answer inyour mail boxAsk a Dietitian NOW!
  7. 7. Key FeaturesKey FeaturesExperienced Healthcare ProfessionalsWell managed online profilesEasy Free RegistrationTransparent privacy and return policyCan ask question to desired Dietitian onour panel
  8. 8. How it works?How it works?
  9. 9. Know More..Know More..To Know more Click HereView Recently asked questions hereMeet our ExpertsCall us on 09266802992 to knowmore..
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