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We get it, you're busy. There is only so much time in the day, and marketing a vacation rental is just one of many things on your plate!

Ever thought "I only have 10 spare minutes a week, what else should I be doing?"

We’ll help you cut through the noise and zero in on a few powerful and easy-to-implement 'bang for your buck' tips to improve your vacation rental business.

From detecting fraudulent listings of your home to tapping into new marketing channels, you'll get several actionable items to grow your business with the least amount of work.

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10 Minute Vacation Rental Marketing by MyVR

  1. 1. “10 Minute Marketing”2013 HomeAway SummitMore Bookings. Less Work. Save Money.
  2. 2. “10 Minute Marketing”www.myvr.comWe get it, youre busy. There is only so muchtime in the day, and marketing a vacationrental is just one of many things on your plate!Ever thought "I only have 10 spare minutes aweek, what else should I be doing?"We’ll help you cut through the noise and zeroin on a few powerful and easy-to-implementbang for your buck tips to improve yourvacation rental business.From detecting fraudulent listings of yourhome to tapping into new marketing channels,youll get several actionable items to grow yourbusiness with the least amount of work.Jonathan Murray & Markus NordvikCo-Founders, MyVR.comHomeAway Summit 2013, Scottsdale, AZSaturday, May 18th 2pm
  3. 3. What is MyVR?www.myvr.com• MyVR is vacation rental website builder & marketing software• Get your own website, Facebook Page, Cragislist ads, etc• Launch new listing site ads and save up to 20% off the cost• Get time-saving management tools like renter screening,inquiry auto-responders, a centralized inbox, and more• Get a truly centralized calendar to manage your property• Upload your info once, advertise everywhere from MyVROur value: More bookings. Less work. Save money.
  4. 4. High impact, low effort & cost marketing ideasto maximize your ‘bang for the buck’!www.myvr.com??
  5. 5. OUR TOP 15“10 MINUTE MARKETING”IDEASwww.myvr.com
  6. 6. #15 – Create a Groupon-Like Offerwww.myvr.com• For example, sell $500 in rental credit for $250• Distribute your deal via email or your Facebook Page(not actually via Groupon)• Set a clear deadline and quantity• Clearly communicate any fine print (e.g. min. nights)• Target your off-peak season when things are slowerWant to learn more?• See Matt Landau’s great write-up on this idea• On our blog, we looked at details and things to considerPhoto: GrouponGroupon offers pre-purchased deals that often givedeep discounts to a limited number of guests.How can you make it work for your vacation rental?
  7. 7. #14 – Video for Your Vacation Rentalwww.myvr.com• Create short video(s) to promote vacationrental features, nearby activities, etc.• Add video to your website – but host it onanother site, like YouTube• Use your target keywords in your video titleand written description• Marketer Trent Blizzard recently found:o Nearly 15% of site visitors watched the videoso The time they spent on the site doubled – or moreo Approx 50% increase in traffic from search results• A few to check out: Vine, iMovie, Animoto,Prezi (among many!)Photo: GoogleVideos can be quick, engaging, memorable.They put a face on your vacation rental, which helps build trust.
  8. 8. #13 – Test Your Listingswww.myvr.com• Track the response you get with differentheadlines, cover photos, keywords, etc.• Measure the impact of each change:o Do impressions go up / down?o Do inquiries go up / down?• Focus on what makes your home unique• Focus on what your target audience wants• Use all available headline space, but avoid usingempty words• Consider key search terms (keywords) that willattract people to your listing.Photo: HomeAwayWhat photos and descriptions will bring more inquiries?There’s only one way to find out.
  9. 9. #12 – Update Your Calendarwww.myvr.com• Update all your calendars at least weekly – set areminder and make it part of your routine• Even if it’s up-to-date, it’s important that thesystem indicates it’s been updated; this is NOT justabout accuracy – it impacts rankings!• Consider a tool that will auto-update all yourcalendars at once (like MyVR.com!)Photo: HomeAwayYou may think you have your calendar covered.But do you?
  10. 10. #11 – Screen Your Renterswww.myvr.com• Search Facebook & Twitter using a guest’semail address• Search LinkedIn by name and location• Phone look-ups can verify phone type ($)• MyVR’s screening tool includes automaticinquiry profile lookups on every inquiry!Photo: FacebookAre your renters who they claim to be?Social networks can provide an easy way to help verify.
  11. 11. #10 – Be Proactive with Reviewswww.myvr.com• Know ahead of time who will give a goodreview – and ask for it!• Don’t be afraid to ask. Be personable & explainthe importance to your business• Ask promptly by email or phone, or even whilethey’re still thereo If positive: Ask them to post the reviewo If negative: Let them vent to you, not in a review,and try to address the issue• Treat negative reviews as an opportunityWant to learn more?• Learn more about responding to negative reviewsPhoto: VRBOWhether asking happy guests for reviews or responding to less-than-perfect feedback, being proactive works best.
  12. 12. #9 – Get Your Own Websitewww.myvr.com• Better showcase your home & your local area• Look more professional• Listing sites have a fixed format: Owning yoursite provides flexibility to add the additionalcontent or website features you want• Increase trust/credibility• Increase referrals and repeat business• In emails and advertising, link to your ownwebsite instead of a crowded listing site (whereyour competitors are, too) Photo: MyVREven if listing sites are attracting inquiries, your own websiteshould be the hub of your marketing efforts.
  13. 13. #8 – Create a Brand / Custom Domainwww.myvr.com• Be more memorable• Make word-of-mouth & repeat business easier• What’s easier to remember: “Sonoma SquareCottage” or “VRBO # 3537208”?• Use your brand / domain everywhere• No website? You can point a domain to yourlisting instead• Feeling really aggressive? Create a logo, too!Want to learn more?• What domain name should I pick for my website?What’s easier to remember:Photo: VRBO, MyVRFind a unique way to distinguish by creating your own brandand getting a custom domain name.-or-
  14. 14. #7 – Links to Your Websitewww.myvr.com• Add links to listing, auto-responders, emailsignatures, etc.• You can’t customized listing sites, but you caninclude a link to your website for moreinformation.o Make sure you understand any guidelines arounddoing so!• Show & tell what makes your home unique• Use your new catchy custom domain, of course!Want to learn more?• How do I generate more links to my website?• 10 Free Vacation Rental Listing Sites to Boost Your SEOPhoto: VRBOAlways look for opportunities to link back to your own website.This promotes your business and supports search engine rank.
  15. 15. #6 – Local Business Directorieswww.myvr.com• Expand your presence and reach more renters• Valuable inbound links = better website SEO• Free listings on Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo, Bing• Note: Some sites have restrictions! You may notbe approved• When you first add your vacation rental, get somefriendly reviews to boost your listingPhoto: YelpAnother great place to be found (and add links to your ownwebsite) is any local business directory.
  16. 16. #5 – Fake Listing Alertswww.myvr.com• There are several different scams, ofteninvolving free classified ads like Craigslist• It’s fairly easy to set up your own alert system,so you’re notified if your home’s info is posted• Scammers are generally lazy & copy-paste, so it’seasy to watch for keywords.Want to learn more?• When Craigslist Scammers Take Over Your Rental Property• Catch Craigslist Scammers With This Digital NetPhoto: CraigslistFake and fraudulent listings hurt the public’s trust in vacationrentals, and they can put you in an awkward situation.
  17. 17. #4 – Add Listings or Upgradewww.myvr.com• Your goal is to be on the first page of the listing site• High ROI (30x cost on average)• Understand the competition in your area• Consider a one year test before deciding whetherexpand and upgrade your package• Focus on the large, established marketplaces (ifyou’ve never heard of it, it probably won’t work)• Diversification = lower risk• More leads could lead to higher rental ratesToo many listings to manage?• MyVR helps manage multiple marketing channelsPhoto: HomeAwayMaybe you’re not listed on one ofthe top sites, or maybe it’s time toupgrade your package.
  18. 18. #3 – Get on Map Viewwww.myvr.com• Many renters search only by the map• If you don’t have a marker, you’re not showing up!• Upside likely outweighs any risks (i.e. burglary);also, the perceived risk is higher than actual risk• Security cameras are always an option (and paidfor by your increased bookings!)• Ultimately, it’s your risk, and you need to decide!Photo: HomeAwayListing sites have a map view for people looking for rentals.Is your property visible?
  19. 19. #2 – Inquiry Auto-Responderswww.myvr.com• Studies show quick reply = higher conversion• A good auto-reply adds value and engages• Include links to your website, local guide,FAQ’s, etc.• Reduce your work on ‘bad’ leads• Focus your time converting ‘good’ leadsWant to learn more?• An auto-reply doesn’t need to be impersonal! Checkout these three examplesDear Jane,Thanks for your interest in the Sonoma Square Cottage!I value your time, and try to reply to all inquiries within an hour. SinceI can’t always do so, I set up this auto-responder to give a little moreinfo about our home and answer common questions. I will be incontact shortly!In the meantime, please check out our website:www.SonomaSquareCottage.com and be sure to check out the LocalInfo section with local recommendations, events, and deals fromGroupon, Living Social, and more.Also, be sure follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SonomaSquareCottageThanks,JonathanF.A.Q.’s for Sonoma Square CottageHow close are you to the Sonoma Square Plaza?We’re are about 2.5 blocks from the square. Just a short walk from…Auto-responders are messagesthat are sent automatically whenyou receive an inquiry.
  20. 20. #1 – Professional Photographywww.myvr.com• Photos: the most important element to your advertising• You have 10 seconds to make an impression• Listings with professional photos attract 2x to 3x moreinquiries = more bookings• Include your own photo to personalize• Don’t forget: staging matters!• Listings with 25+ photos attract more inquiriesWant to learn more?• How To Create An Eye-Catching Vacation Rental Listing• Plan to Update Your Vacation Rental PhotosSource: AirbnbUsing professional photographers ispretty standard advice. If you haven’tused one yet, why not?
  21. 21. Impact vs Effort Analysis1. Professional Photography2. Inquiry Auto-Responders3. Get on Listing Map View4. Add Listings/Upgrade5. Fake Listing Alerts6. Local Business Directories7. Links to Your Site8. Catchy Brand / Domain9. Get Your Own Website10.Be Proactive w/ Reviews11.Renter Social Profiles12.(Auto) Calendar Updates13.Testing in Your Listing14.Add a Video15.Groupon-Like Offerwww.myvr.com123414698711101251513
  23. 23. Bonus #1: Honorable Mention!www.myvr.com• Analyze your performance! Know your data & what works.• Address other listing quality criteria (payments, # of photos)• Build your email list! There is huge value for future marketing• Home automation (e.g. remote locks)• Create a great local guide• Try Craigslist (60 million unique visitors a month!)• Cater to your audience w/ small home upgrades
  24. 24. Bonus #2: A Few Things to Avoidwww.myvr.com• AdWords (unless you have multiple properties or arein the top 1-2% of owners!)• Paying for “SEO experts”• Free listing sites (with a few exceptions)• Investing a lot in social (with a few exceptions)
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