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How to Care for Your Skin and Reduce the Signs of Aging


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Discover the best ways to care for your skin so you can look great at any age. Learn how to deal with wrinkles, sun damage, adult acne and more. For more information, visit: product/care-for-your-skin/

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How to Care for Your Skin and Reduce the Signs of Aging

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION • We all want to look great • However, as we age, we will notice changes in our skin • It’s not just wrinkles • It might be uneven skin tone, adult acne, and more • Put your best face (and body) forward through tips and tricks to help you have great skin at any age b
  2. 2. 1: THE ANATOMY OF THE SKIN • The skin has three layers • They all serve various functions • The skin in the largest organ in your body • It keeps your important parts in, and infections and other harmful items out • Good skin care is part of an overall healthy lifestyle • Illness is often reflected in the appearance of the skin 3
  3. 3. 2: REASONS FOR CHANGES IN YOUR SKIN • Hormones have a significant effect on the skin • As teens, they cause us to break out • As older women, the change in hormones due to menopause can trigger the same issues • Sun damage accumulates over time • Eating and drinking the wrong things will also take its toll b
  4. 4. 3: REDUCING THE DAMAGE TO YOUR SKIN • The first step is to protect your skin • Sunscreen and/or sunblock is a must • It needs to be used all year round, not just in summer • In fact, winter sun can cause significant damage, especially when reflecting on snow • A healthy diet is also a must b
  5. 5. 4: SUMMER CHALLENGES • Sunburn and heat rash can damage skin and leave you miserable • Remember that sun reflecting off water will be more intense • So too will being in an area with little pollution • And in case you or your teen are crazy about tanning and sunbeds, remember, the damage grows over time and a bad burn can go right down to the lowest layers of your skin b
  6. 6. 5: EVERYDAY HABITS TO AVOID THAT MAY AGE YOUR SKIN • Bad habits include: • Smoking tobacco • Drinking alcohol • Eating a poor diet • Eating too many carbs • Not having a good daily skin care routine • Not being sun-smart b
  7. 7. CONCLUSION • We all like to look our best • Healthy skin is the foundation for looking and feeling great • Paying attention to your skin through making smart choices about what you eat, drink and do, can help your maintain great looking skin no matter what your age 8
  8. 8. FURTHER READING • For more information, please visit: • product/care-for-your-skin/ 9