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Am Cham News, June 16


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Am Cham News, June 16

  1. 1. Amcham NEWs Networking is our business JUNE 23, 2009 Tourism & Construction Special Meeting AmCham Events and Philadelphia Trade Mission. Committee Meetings The AmCham Environ- ing commissioning for mental and Construction existing and new build- ODHC Committee, Committees are holding a ings. The team is com- 12:00 noon, Thrusday, special joint meeting on prised of professionals in June 18 at AmCham. Building Commissioning. partnership with an estab- Hydricarbons Commit- This will be held Thurs- lished Central American tee, 8:00 AM, Friday, day, June 25th from MEP (Mechanical, Electri- 12:00-1:30 PM in the Am- cal, Plumbing) Consulting June 19 at AmCham. Cham conference room. A firm. The team has two AmCham Networking, light lunch will be served. LEED-Accredited Profes- 6:00 PM, Tuesday, June Our presenters are BCE- sionals, both registered 23 in Los Platillos Hall Photo: Crystal Cooper( AmCham Intern), Natalia Olson, Kevin Shinn, Building Commissioning members of US Green at Cervecería Nacional Guillermo Ronderos (Word Trade Center Panama), Arlene Harrison, Experts: “Energy Savings Building Council. Services in La Locería. Reserva- Andrea Townrow, David Hunt (AmCham Executive Director), Ken Trujillo (Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia), Al Schulman, Juan one building at time.” include: tions required. Valencia, Varsovia Fernández (Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Phila- Building Commissioning New Building Commis- delphia) and Delmy Reyes (Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Philadel- is the process of ensuring Tourism Committee, phia). sioning. that all the subsystems for 12:00 noon, Wednesday, Retro Commissioning. This past June 8th, Am- seeds for flowers, vegeta- HVAC (Heating, Ventila- June 24 at AmCham. Energy Modeling & Cham received the visit of bles and grains, and re- tion and Air Condition- Jilma Batista Birthday, five companies from the search lab dietary prod- Analysis. ing), Plumbing, Electrical, June 24. (Who is this?) World Trade Center of ucts; H2L2 LLC, repre- Fire/Life Safety, and MEP Energy Saving Workshops & Consulting. Greater Philadelphia. sented by Natalia Olson, Building Security are oper- Construction & Envi- MEP Inspections & Pro- Annie International Inc, provides services for ar- ating as intended by the ronmental Committee, ject Management. represented by Kevin chitectural, planning and building owner and as 12:00 noon, Thursday, Shinn and Juan Valencia, infrastructure firms; In- designed by the building MEP Commissioning- June 25 at AmCham. manufactures and distrib- gram Jaen, LLC repre- architects and engineers. related design. utes products for beauty sented by Arlene Harrison, BCE is a newly estab- Obtaining Commission- salons; Agricultural Ex- provides services for lished company, geared ing Certificate. AMCHAM PERSONALITY ports, Inc, represented by banks and investments toward conducting build- Al Schulman, distributes enterprises; and Environ Written by: L. Jennifer Simpson Billingual Employee Candidates: AmCham member Mi returned to Panama. They Oportunidad is a sub- are bilingual and available contractor for a U.S. State for interviews at no cost to D ep a rt m en t -ap p r o ve d AmCham members. Their cultural program that résumés are available at sends young Panamanians to the US for up to two All of the candidates are Alejandro Felix de Souza years to work and study looking for permanent, is a member of the Am- while living with an full-time daytime posi- Cham Board of Directors. American family. The tions. Those currently Souza holds a B.A. in In- following candidates have taking university courses ternational Relations with successfully completed in Panama City are in a minor in Internal Trade their USA work-study evening programs that will and Economics from the programs and have not affect a day job. University of Montevideo, Photo: The meeting with Mr. Al Schulman from the company Uruguay; an M.A. in Inter- Agricultural Export, Inc. Melissa Pineda: Currently studying International Busi- national Business from ness at Universidad de Panamá. Sophia University, Tokyo, Corp, represented by An- build business contacts. Gina Robletto, B. A. in Law and Politics Science from Japan; and a Post-graduate drea Townrow, who also During their visit, they Universidad de Panamá. Diploma in International is from World Trade Cen- met with AmCham mem- Antonio Hector Guelfi Sánchez: Second Trimester of Relations from the Fon- ter of Greater Philadel- bers: ExpertLab, Con- Procedural Law (Master’s), Universidad Interamerica- dazione di Ricerche e phia, provides consulting struction Management na; B.S. in Law and Political Science, ULACIT. Studi Internazionali of services and equipment for Group, OTEPI, McKinney Evelyn E. McNulty Guerra:B.S. in Law and Political Florence, Italy. waste water processes. Internacional, Banco Science, University of Panama. He had worked as the Each of those companies Aliado and Global Con- Commercial Attaché in the came to interview several cepts Consulting, among Rosseline Morales: Courses in Medicine and Maritime Embassy of Uruguay in Panamanian companies to others. at Universities in Chiriqui. Japan and is currently Vice Karla Him Petrocelli: BS in Tourism (Hotels), Univer- Written by: Jilma Batista. President for Corporate sidad Latina de Panamá; working on a degree in Public Affairs for Cervecería Relations at the University of Panamá. Nacional. HUMOR TIME He is a member of the Resumé Bloopers mspreadsheet progroms. Executive Board of the 3.Received a plague for Please make checks out to Panama Chapter of the These are taken from real mSalesperson of the Year. “American Chamber of Commerce.” UN’s Global Compact; a resumés and cover letters 4.Reason for leaving last founding member of the and were printed in For- mjob: maturity leave. Most banks, including out to “PANAMCHAM,” CSR and ODHC Commit- tune Magazine: 5.Wholly responsible for ours, are now rejecting “AmCham,” or 1.I demand a salary com– tees of AMCHAM, Presi- mtwo (2) failed financial acronyms on checks. Con- “AmCham Panama.” mmiserate with my mex- dent and founder of Centro s i n s t i t u t i o n s . sequently, they are not Please let your accounting tensive experience. Da Vinci, Panama’s first 6.It’s best for employers accepting checks made office make checks out to: dedicated center for Gifted 2.I have lurnt Word Per- mthat I not work with and Talented Children. mfect 6.0 computor and mpeople. “American Chamber of Commerce.” Phone: 301-3881 Fax 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.