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Great Rock and Roll Pauses

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Great Rock and Roll Pauses

  1. 1. By Alison Blake
  2. 2. May 14th & 15th, 202-
  3. 3. After Lincoln’s Game 1
  4. 4. Walking to the Car
  5. 5. Annoying Habit #48 “See you tomorrow, “See you Sash!” says tomorrow, Mark’s Gab!” Mom Mom, answers. Gabby. “G’night, “G’night, Dan,” Sasha,” says Mom Dan. answers.
  6. 6. In the Car
  7. 7. Dad Is Working
  8. 8. Desert Landscape
  9. 9. Lincoln
  10. 10. Songs with Lincoln’s Comments
  11. 11. Dad vs. Mom
  12. 12. Now Just the Pauses…
  13. 13. Why Dad Isn’t Here
  14. 14. Lincoln Wants to Say/Ends Up Saying:
  15. 15. “Good to know, Linc,” Dad says.
  16. 16. What I Notice During the Looped Pauses A whisper of orange on There was the horizon. desert in Pakistan, A thousand black but I don’t turbines. remember it. Miles of solar panels like a black ocean I’ve never seen close up. All I remember is You can’t get used to the this. stars, no matter how long you live here.
  17. 17. In My Room 2
  18. 18. Annoying Habit #92
  19. 19. Slide Slogans from School That I Fire at Mom (just to annoy her) “Please, Ally, have mercy!” “Give us the Mom says. issues, not “A word-wall is a But she’s the tissues!” long haul!” laughing. “Add a graphic and increase your “Charts should illuminate, traffic!” not complicate!”
  20. 20. Mom Spots the Toy Horse
  21. 21. “Oh Ally, I love seeing that horse,” Mom says.
  22. 22. “What about this?” I Ask, and Open the Book.
  23. 23. Sasha in the Picture
  24. 24. Mom’s Reasons for Not Talking About That Time
  25. 25. Lincoln’s Bed Is on the Other Side of the Wall from My Bed • 2 knocks from his side = • 2 knocks from my side = “Good night, Ally.” “Good night, Linc.” • Mom will go to his room • I can hear them talking next. through the wall. • Lincoln gets her longest. • I get her first.
  26. 26. Mom Sits on the Edge of My Bed
  27. 27. What I Suddenly Understand
  28. 28. Lincoln Appears When I’m Half Asleep “A MINUTE AND FOURTEEN SECONDS!” Lincoln bellows.
  29. 29. “What is going on in here?”
  30. 30. Kids—c Dinner prty Buy Sharpies all Gma Mom’s “Art” Langs—bring Blk Blake!! wine! Caring for your She uses Ally SmartFan They come from sleepover “found @Suzette objects. our house and 9/19 ” our lives. Eye appt 3:30 Pick Wed up She glues Ada’s shoes She says them Linc—therapy pie they’re onto 2pm crust— precious use 1/18 boards lard! Grapes because and Skim milk they’re casual shellacs Earl Grey tea and them. Drew shampoo meaningless. Krazy Glue Peanut butter “But they Mexico Flight Rolaids tell the Conf:#:XJKD78 whole story I look when she’s 77 if you really not there. look.”
  31. 31. Ways It Can Be When Dad Comes Back Sits in Ca Kissin g Befor r Mom Comi e ng In Hugg Tellin ing g Mom Storie s Silent Laugh ing Wine Angry Co Poppi rk ng Gin P ourin g
  32. 32. Dad Comes Home Late I hear the Mom has brushing her arms door around through my Dad. They don’t sleep. say anything. His face is I peek in her hair. through my door slit. There’s a blanket on Mom’s Waiting Chair where she fell asleep.
  33. 33. One Night Later 3
  34. 34. Dad Barbecues Chicken on the Deck
  35. 35. Facts About Dad
  36. 36. Dad’s Laugh
  37. 37. True Story
  38. 38. Rob Was Mom’s Best Friend.
  39. 39. Dad’s Questions/Lincoln’s Answers Can I play I see music, Dad? them at Any kids school. I’d you feel Not rather today. play like asking Three. music. over to Nope. play? We Did you lost How have music Want to many at- 5–2. class with have a bats did Mom? catch after you dinner? have? Anything new at How did school the game today? go the other night?
  40. 40. Signs That Dad Isn’t Happy “Sure, Linc,” he says, after dinner. “Let’s hear some music.”
  41. 41. Songs with Lincoln’s Comments
  42. 42. Dad, to Mom, Whispering Under the Music (but I can hear him)
  43. 43. Dad/Lincoln
  44. 44. “Stop!” Dad shouts. “Stop. Please. Forget I asked.”
  45. 45. Lincoln Starts to Cry
  46. 46. “The pause makes you think the song will end. And then the song isn’t really over, so you’re relieved. But then the song does actually end, because every song ends, obviously, and THAT. TIME. THE. END. IS. FOR. REAL.”
  47. 47. A Pause While We Stand on the Deck
  48. 48. Then Dad Gathers Lincoln into His Arms
  49. 49. Lincoln Runs Inside and Slams His Bedroom Door
  50. 50. The Desert 4
  51. 51. It Starts Where Our Lawn Used to Be
  52. 52. Sounds
  53. 53. “I’ve got to do better with Lincoln,” Dad Says.
  54. 54. The Old Golf Course
  55. 55. A Long, Empty Stretch of Walking
  56. 56. After a Long Time, We Reach the Solar Panels
  57. 57. Suddenly, There’s a Whirring Noise Around Us
  58. 58. We Stand a Long Time, Watching the Solar Panels Move
  59. 59. Me/Dad
  60. 60. After a While, I Feel Like Curling Up on the Ground and Closing My Eyes
  61. 61. We Walk for Several Years
  62. 62. Dad Points to a Snake on one of Mom’s Sculptures
  63. 63. What I’m Afraid Of
  64. 64. Dad Sets Me Down on Our Porch
  65. 65. What I Hear as I’m Falling Asleep Hey You Yeah. Linc. hear that No. sound? That. No, Pop. Here, let’s stand by the window. Listen with me. What does that sound like to you?
  66. 66. “Okay. I know.”
  67. 67. Relationship of Pause-Length to Haunting Power seconds 72
  68. 68. Proof of the Necessity of Pauses 73
  69. 69. Discoveries About Pause Timing (in Bubble Form) Pause power Time remaining after pause (sec) 74
  70. 70. The Persistence of Pauses over Time Length of song (min) Song year 75
  71. 71. The End