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Protocolo N° 1 by Freddy


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Protocolo N° 1 by Freddy

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD DE LA AMAZONIAUNIVERSIDAD DE LA AMAZONIA EDUCATION SCIENCES FACULTYEDUCATION SCIENCES FACULTY ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING PROGRAMENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING PROGRAM PEDAGOGICAL RESEARCH IPEDAGOGICAL RESEARCH I II-2013II-2013 PROTOCOL No 1 Last Wednesday on August 14th of 2013 at 9:08 pm in the living room 2115 was carried out the Pedagogical Research I class No 2 with twelve (12) students under the direction of Professor Silvia Lucia Molina Higuera. The class started with some instructions given by Professor Molina of doing a reflection about the movie “Sherlock Holmes”. Also, she talked about The Pedagogical Portfolio. Then, Sherlock Holmes movie was projected. However, it was not ended because the class finished at 10:30 pm. The reflection about the movie was assigned as homework. It consists in write a short reflective text about the relationship between the movie and the Pedagogical Research I course. The reflection has to be writing in 1 page long and single spaced, using Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font and 3x3 margins. Finally, professor explained students that those students whose name started between the letters A and M had to write the reflection in English and those students whose name started between the letters N and Z had to write the reflection in Spanish. By Freddy Claros Peña