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Studio Output Gaming & Technology Insight Resport

  1. 1. Bright ideas forinspiring brands.
  2. 2. InsightReport.Gaming & Technology:August 2012Welcome to the Studio Output Digital InsightReport for August 2012.In this edition we take a look at emerging trendsin both the Gaming and Technology sectorsas well as running through some of the moreinteresting projects we’ve discovered recently.This month we have a Pod takeover fromthe digital team at Studio Output. The verytalented Karin, Rory and Rita bring their trend,technology and design insights to this report.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  3. 3. Technology andservice stories:As connected, intelligent technology becomesmore and more ubiquitous, it also becomesincreasingly invisible. The challenge oftechnology communication is in telling authentic,credible stories in beautiful, human ways,particularly with new and emerging innovations. Hyper-local.Nest explain their product in simple, Engaging.human terms. Play products are showcased in Simplistic.a stunning but accessible way that makesthe site incredibly engaging. of service design is as importantas humanising technology.Postmates is crowd sourced, hyper localpostal service. ideas for inspiring brands.
  4. 4. Connectingwith passions:Exploring passions within campaigns is anemerging trend we’re seeing more of. Withthe rise of the ‘interest graph’ within socialnetworking circles, personal interests andpassions are flowing into wide campaigns.The key is to be credible, authentic and humblein connecting with fans and their passions.Obsessed with sound – Philips explore sound inthis Obsessed with sound interactive experience. of service design is as importantas humanising technology.Google have collaborated with the Tate toexplore collaborative storytelling in a projectcalled Exquisite Forest. Personal. Credible. Authentic.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  5. 5. Using technologyfor play: New spaces. Immersive.Technology is providing more and moreways of connecting with play and that’s not Rewarding.simply using more sophisticated devices, it’screative new spaces and ways of playing.The boundaries of technology-led play arebroad, from single person experiences tomore immersive, spectator-centric play.Energy drink V uses Kinectto control generative music. is a Japanese bicycle sharing serviceswhich has created a playful experiment, turninga bike into a turntable. took Pong and translated it to formthe centre of an out-of-home experiential game.Probably the biggest game of pong you’ll see. ideas for inspiring brands.
  6. 6. InsightReport.Pod Takeover:Design & technology trends.Continuing our Pod takeovers, this sectionis led by the digital team at Studio Output.The talented Karin Bergdahl, Rory Arnoldand Rita Mantler share their own trend,design & technology insights to this report.Here they share some well-executedand engaging campaigns that took placerecently in outdoor environments.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  7. 7. To entertain andimpress: Promotion. Installation.In a world where brands are constantly Interactive.competing for our attention, it’s becomingincreasingly important for industry playersto create opportunities for users to playand experiment, and above all creatingan impression and entertaining them.Ambient and experiential marketing is becomingmore and more innovative and focused ongiving users a tactile experience to remember.Here are some interesting campaigns that tookplace in an outdoor environment that we likebecause they were well-executed and engaging.Target created a 25-foot puppet which attendedUS fashion shows. launched a new crime drama withinteractive installation made up of 40,000spinning dots. A world without petrolNissan imagined a world without petrol, creating40 interactive installations. ideas for inspiring brands.
  8. 8. Get off yourscreen:New display and interaction methods popup on every corner and innovative or evencrazy ideas are fast becoming mainstream.Ever more users are hacking their way beyondthe wildest imagination of corporate tech-teams, while website and games are makingcontent ever more accessible for users.Haptic design transforms flat interfaces intoa tactile 3D experience. projectors enable 3D real-time projectionin your home with an iPhone and a digicam. glasses promise a completely new Innovative.experience for everything, starting withphotography. Accessible. Mobile. and drones merge with humans: the firstmind-controlled robot walk. ideas for inspiring brands.
  9. 9. Get off yourscreen:Microsoft’s Kinect has been used for all kindsof experiments. Here it turns any wall intoa touchscreen. from the University of SouthernCalifornia attempt (and succeed) to build the firstversion of a real life Holodeck. have created a chocolate wrapperAugmented Reality game that works with mostof Cadburys chocolate bars. Innovative. Accessible. Mobile.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  10. 10. Less is more:In these austere times, there is a trend forsimplicity and a rejection of extraneous Simplicity.features and superfluous ornamentation.Witness the rise in popularity of the single speed Maturity.bicycle – the bike stripped back to its essentialfeatures. This is being reflected in the digitalworld where screen design is maturing –shunning clutter, complexity and real-lifemetaphors (like metallic buttons) for moreconfident, simpler and minimal interfaces. Minimal.Microsofts new Metro interface, which ditchesthe traditional desktop for bold, flat colouredgraphics – is currently causing a lot of talk inthe design community. rise of smartphones and tablet deviceshave also refocused designers use of space,displaying information in easy to digest visualchunks, the Sony Smartwatch now taking thisto new extremes. ideas for inspiring brands.
  11. 11. Get in touch!Studio Output / London Studio Output / NorthUnit 4, The Piano Works 2 Broadway117 Farringdon Road Lace MarketLondon EC1R 3BX Nottingham NG1 1PS+ 44 (0)20 7239 9270 + 44 (0)115 985