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The new issue of InvestBA Privada has arrived, and the new edition powered by is our biggest issue ever. Featuring over 100 pages of original lifestyle content, InvestBA Privada introduces you to some of the most amazing destinations, people and properties in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay.

In Artista we’ll give you a preview of some of the featured works at next month’s arteBA, one of the most important modern art exhibitions in the Americas. We’ll then cross the river to Uruguay and profile two of that countries most talented artists. In Viajera we’ll take a photo tour through the streets of Colonia del Sacramento to better understand the real estate and tourism boom taking place in that charming port city.

With Franquicia, we switch gears to business mode and check out Argentina’s burger wars, InterContinental’s expansion plans for Argentina and the “pinkest” franchise on the planet. With Inteligencia, we’ll ask why Buenos Aires parking lots are a good investment and search for real estate growth opportunities in BA barrios off the beaten path.

Vanguardia shifts the focus back to lifestyle with a profile of the first Relais & Châteaux hotel in Buenos Aires and a closer look at the rising tide of yachts and private jets making the annual pilgrimage to Punta del Este. Deportiva raises a glass of fine Malbec to the world’s greatest soccer player while Vendimia showcases Mendoza properties which have the best appreciation among 15 world’s global wine regions.

If you would like to download the full issue of InvestBA Privada, visit

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InvestBA Privada - The New Issue

  1. 1. FALL/WINTER 2012 The Source for Real Estate & Investment Opportunities In powered by... Buenos Aires, Argentina & Uruguay_executive_summary_ inside_the_numbersThe new issue of Privada has over 100 pages of lifestyle content,and we are pleased to welcome as our partner 1 The number of countries invited to be the featured country atin promoting some of the most amazing destinations, people SIMA 2012, one of Spain and Europe’s largest real estate expos.and properties in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay. InvestBA Uruguay accepted and won more converts. (Read More)readers and subscribers will now receive luxury travel advice, 18%discounts and recommendations from the experts at has been a great year for our clients and real estate partners Average annual appreciation of vineyard properties inin Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Bariloche and across the river in Mendoza, the highest among 15 global wine regionsColonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este. Fortunately more foreign surveyed in Citi’s Knight Frank Wealth Report. (Read More)investors are learning about the cost of living and quality of life advantages thatArgentina and Uruguay have to offer, the original goal of when welaunched the website three years ago. $181,204 The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in BuenosThe new InvestBA Property Map is another great addition to the website, and we Aires. By comparion, Sao Paulo properties are 128% morewould like to thank the BA-based team at InfinixSoft for making this a reality. Now expensive, Paris 257% and New York 368% (Read More)our readers can browse through hundreds of unique properties including luxuryhomes, oceanfront condos, farms, condo-hotels and private vineyeard properties. 47,600,000As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of InvestBA Privada. Millions of liters of Argentine Malbec consumed annually in Patrick Archer the US, second only to Argentina’s 55 million. Malbec sales in CEO, InvestBA the US rose a whopping 49% last year alone . (Read More)Luxury Homes, Condos, Vineyards & Other Properties For Sale Third Story features a wide variety of unique residential and commercial properties forsale in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay. From private vineyards to luxury high-riseapartments to condo-hotels, our network of boutique brokers can help you find the perfectproperty. To begin searching the InvestBA property database, please visit
  2. 2. FALL/WINTER 2012 The Source for Real Estate & Investment Opportunities In powered by... Buenos Aires, Argentina & Uruguay _artista_ _inmobiliaria_3 56 _viajera_ _vanguardia_22 70 _FRANQUICIA_ _deportiva_36 82 _inteligencia_ _vendimia_40 86
  3. 3. _artista_ (ártist) powered by...
  4. 4. _artista_pablo atchugarry powered by master of the marble
  5. 5. _artista_As we saw in the last issue of Privada, the GreatRoom of the Estancia Vik Hotel in José Ignacio isan impressive floor-to-ceiling art gallery andshrine to some of Uruguay’s most talented artists.Of all of the paintings and sculpture that fill theroom, it is the towering piece of white marblesoaring from the center of the room which has thestrongest visual impact on guests and visitorsalike: Pablo Atchugarry’s sculpture in CarraraStatuary white marble.As impressive as this single sculpture is, an evenmore impressive collection of Atchugarry’screations is on full display just a few miles away ata sprawling estancia, museum and event complexcalled the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation. powered byThe non-profit Foundation opened in 2007 withthe goal of promoting the visual arts, literature,music and other manifestations of man’s creativity.
  6. 6. _artista_ powered byAn 11-foot half-ton slab of An apprentice making initial A closer inspection reveals white marble in the on- cuts around Atchugarry’s cuts from the master’s deck circle markings circular saw
  7. 7. _artista_The Foundation serves as the perfect union of nature and art in one ofthe most scenic corners of coastal Uruguay. In summertime, theFoundation hosts a variety of society events, concerts and artexpositions sponsored by Banco Itau and Merrill Lynch WealthManagement. During the other nine months of the year, theFoundation welcomes large groups of schoolchildren, retirees andforeign travelers in hopes of offering inspiration for future artists. “We all have the capacity to become artists, as long as we keep the child inside us alive.” pablo atchugarryIn addition to Pablo’s workshop, the Foundation is home to a museumwith three separate galleries, a large auditorium for concerts, films andconferences, an outdoor amphitheater, a restaurant and classrooms for powered bypainting, drawing, ceramics and, of course, sculpture. The permanentcollection and original works of Atchugarry are on display throughoutthe facility and the beautiful grounds from which this master of themarble draws inspiration.
  8. 8. _artista_ powered byShade & tranquility The Office Work in progress at the Foundation for a NYC collector
  9. 9. _artista_powered by
  10. 10. _online_ powered by...InvestBA Content Categories Advertise (click an image to connect) As the Internet’s leading source of information about real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay, InvestBA is the ideal platform for reaching an elite, high net-worth clientele looking to travel, invest and live in the Southern Cone of South America. argentina polo lifestylearts & entertainment uruguay Now read by subscribers in over 100 countries, InvestBA can showcase your project, product orbuenos aires events vanityba service to high-end consumers in key markets like the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the Euro-zone, Russia and China. InvestBA offers a variety of premium ad space alternatives both online and in our quarterly e- zine, InvestBA Privada. For more information, creative class wine & vineyards click the image above or send your inquiry to
  11. 11. _artista_ powered bySelected Works from the 21st EditionMay 18-22 2012 - Buenos
  12. 12. _artista_powered by JARDÍN OCULTO (Argentina) San Poggio
  13. 13. _artista_powered by GACHI PRIETO GALLERY (Argentina) Viviana Zargón
  14. 14. _artista_powered by MIRTA DEMARE GALLERY (Holanda) Robbier Cornelissen
  15. 15. _artista_ RIO GALÉRIA DE ARTE (Argentina) Marta Minujin
  16. 16. _artista_powered by FERNANDO PRADILLA (España/Colombia) Marcos López
  17. 17. _artista_ ARTE X ARTE (Argentina) Daniel Kiblisky
  18. 18. _artista_powered by REVOLVER GALERÍA (Perú) José Carlos Martinat
  19. 19. _artista_powered by ANGEL GUIDO ART PROJECT (Argentina) Maria Silvia Corcuera
  20. 20. _artista_powered by ZAMORA ARTE (Argentina) Eugenio Cuttica
  21. 21. _artista_powered by GC ARTE (Argentina) Leo Battisteli
  22. 22. _viajera_ (tráveler) powered by...
  23. 23. _viajera_Colonia del Sacramento powered byUruguay’s New Year-R!nd Destination...
  24. 24. FALL/WINTER 2012 The Source for Real Estate & Investment Opportunities In powered by... Buenos Aires, Argentina & UruguayClick Here to Download the Full Issue of InvestBA Privada