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Top 20 words that can give out your gender and age


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We keep on working with social data at InData Labs.
We have created a text-based classifier that predicts age and gender of social media users based on the vocabulary she uses in her facebook posts, tweets, etc.
Check out our rating of the most typical words for women / men, youngsters / adults. These words give out your gender and age.

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Top 20 words that can give out your gender and age

  1. 1. .: .- . TOP 20 words that can give out your gender and age The words listed below are key indicators used in a text-based classifier that helps to predict age and gender of a social media user even if the information is missed in her profile. Analyzing vocabulary used in social media accounts we've found words typical for male/ female accounts and words used mostly by youngsters / adults. Let's have a look at the words that can give out your gender and age. Women's corner The higher a word is ranked in the list, the more weight the classifier assigns to it. Once the text—based classifier finds enough words from the same corner to predict the gender, it will make a conclusion whether the account is male or female and will continue the analysis to prove it or refute it. I. Husband Cried Flowers Excited Ew Nails Dogs Yum Myself Mom Joy Plz Baby Bra Queen Yeah Savage Beard Jersey Worse Buddy Fishing F*ck Snapchat Wife How it works? Let's analyze a one-weeh acbiuiby a5 a Facebook user Designers, download Definitely like the this APP! place. WHISKY is YEAH. » good. barman has FISHING in BEARD! the morning is t. Rebecca sent me grea S/ Ihargd aglink. 3 on ay, am Holy throwback! Shared geolocation. Friday, 8 pm Shared photo from the seashore. Sunday, 6 am Posted at a lunchtime. — Wednesday. 2pm Certainty level Certainty level Certainty level Certainty level 5% 5% 3 °o 76% App +5% ’ —Snapchat +10% 1 ” weard +15% 1/ s I % ” Whisky +1% Yeah +30% 76% Mlw. p.0,_. ,u___ V J Age prediction Older Younger ‘ E H Kids Yay a Son M Guys n ‘I W Safe M Haha W Husband W Exam Blessed xd E a til I work Greatful Family Thankful Children Wondering Prayers Beer Wishes Old Garden Monday Wine Need Wife School Facebook Camp Break Got Best Homework Brother College Cause How it works? This time let's analyze a one-week acbiuiby o5 an account: in Twibber XD. i couldn't C'mon GUYS stop laughing! check this out! I'm so BORED. Someone Ell? I me, HAHA. This Is The Definition P‘-Z Of FUN! 1. Tweeted on Monday 3. Shared a foto on Friday Certainty level Certainty level certainty | ave| Certainty level ' Bored +5% °’° —xci +15% 2”" aha +20% ‘“°’° uys + % 5“ Plz +1% 65% Yauivc. ,,, ,, V E | nData Labs Intelligent Innovative Insightful Created by | nData Labs 2015 powered by Piktochoirt I--. - make information beautiful