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We decided to use the power of Crimson Hexagon to study the behavior of consumers' use of tax refunds. What you learn when you start to listen can be surprising. We discovered that an overwhelming 65% actually had plans to go shopping with their refunds, so we dug deeper.
Overall, the report was good news for retailers with 65% of tweeters having immediate spending plans for their refund.

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Tax Refund Study Infographic

  1. 1. Brand Advocates spend 2x more than average customers and recommend or share 2 to 4 times more than an average customer. 82% OF AMERICANS PLAN TO SPEND THEIR 17% 14% 11% 11% 10% 7% 7% 5% P O W E R E D B Y C R I M S O N H E X A G O N S O C I A L I N S I G H T S B Y I Q A G E N C Y TAX$ Where’s America really spending their extra cash? Geeking out on gadgets. According to our sample, 14% of tweets mentioned purchasing electronics with tax refund money. Your tax refund sure looks good, which is why you’ll be wearing it! 11% of tax-time tweeters are headed straight to the mall with their fat stack of cash. After all, the only thing that looks better than a big check is that perfect pair of shoes. There’s nothing like filing taxes to make you long for a beachside retreat. According to our study, 7% of tweeters are ready for take off and headed on vacation with their tax refund. According to personal tweets, 11% of Americans will be driving away from this tax season! Some purchased a vehicle, others made car payments and some made repairs. Small tax refund? It seems a number of folks are eating and drinking their feelings. Approximately 10% of our sample tweeted about treating themselves to food and drinks with their tax refund. For some tweeters a night on the town is the perfect way to chase away the tax blues. 7% of our sample mentioned purchasing tickets for special events or dates with their extra cash. According to our survey, responsibility loves company. Approximately 17% of tax-time tweeters used their refunds to pay bills or student loans. TAX TABLETS SHOPPING SPREE RETURN ON RPMs super saver PAYING THE BILLS a night out economical escape taxable tunes just desserts Though a small group, these tweeters make some noise. Approximately 5% of our survey group sent tweets about spending their tax refund on musical instruments or other music-related items. TAX REFUND 65% 35% 150people 50% 2x BUY PAYBILLS SAVE & 18%the deets You’re ready to give yourself a gift — a few months down the road anyway. According to our sample, 18% of tweeters put their tax refunds straight into savings accounts or investments so it can keep on giving. A LOOK AT HOW AMERICANS are spending their When consumers share what they’re buying with their Twitter followers, that’s good news for businesses. Here’s why: @CADEPILBEAM@PTHOMP22 @ARIKIA Got my tax refund! Too bad its only $152 dollars... but at least that means I can buy weed! :D #happystoner Hmmmm… Go buy a new Xbox? Or be responsible and not spend some of my tax refund?! say “word of mouth” recommendations including social posts influenced car, technology or electronic product purchases According to Forrester, each time a consumer posts social content it reaches an average of What’s more American than celebrating my tax refund than by buying stupidly overpriced cocktails at a midtown hotel bar? Americans took to Twitter to talk about their taxes in 2013. Here’s what they had to say: a ccording to Deloitte, March 2010 accordingtoS.Rado ff Associates TAX REFUNDS ACCORDING TO TWITTER G E T S O M E I N S I G H T S O F Y O U R O W N AT W W W. I Q A G E N C Y. C O M