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IBM SALES & DISTRIBUTION                                                   Helps optimize production operations and asset ...
IBM SALES & DISTRIBUTION                                                      Helps optimize production operations and ass...
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IBM Oil | Integrated Information Framework Offers Solutions


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Read about how IBM's Integrated Information Framework helps chemical and petroleum companies improve business operations while simultaneously reducing costs.

Published in: Technology
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IBM Oil | Integrated Information Framework Offers Solutions

  1. 1. IBM SALES & DISTRIBUTION Helps optimize production operations and asset management Solution Brief IBM Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework To help customers in the chemical and petroleum industry enhance production, improve asset management and optimize global opera- Highlights tions, IBM delivers the Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework, a configurable software platform based on ● Reduces costs with optimized processes, enabling more intelligent industry and IT standards that works with existing applications. decisions that leverage federated information with performance compar- isons across the enterprise Deliver consistent representation in context ● Improves the productivity of skilled Picture your oil fields, pipelines, refineries and chemical plants, all of people with contextual views of them busy producing and generating terabytes of data with a consistent critical operational data about plat- view of equipment, relationships, unit operations and measurements, forms, pipelines and refineries as it is leveraging common processes. Now imagine that you can view, in near happening real time, critical operational data about those assets in context. Such ● Decreases planned and unplanned power delivers events and alerts to help you proactively make better shutdowns for long-lived asset man- agement, decreasing maintenance business decisions, reduce lost production, decrease operational costs costs by providing proactive monitor- and increase overall efficiency. But it’s not just a vision. It’s the IBM ing of equipment condition Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework. Tap into a pipeline of real-time, trusted information The framework delivers new business benefits by utilizing distinctive new technology approaches. The framework integrates field data on drilling and well operations, reservoir and plant production status, considering overall operations, maintenance and repair. Data is delivered in consistent formats—despite its ties to diverse assets. Sophisticated alerts can be set up and triggered based on business rules that speed engineering interpretation. And it is all delivered in an interface that visualizes the operation through intuitive hierarchies. Start standardizing those best practice business processes across remote diverse heterogeneous assets.
  2. 2. IBM SALES & DISTRIBUTION Helps optimize production operations and asset management Solution Brief Refine your business operations Optimizing production operations, enhancing quality, and ensuring worker and environmental safety are all vital business objectives. This framework can help Produced in the United States of by providing: America July 2009 ● Visualization of contextual operations information—view across your All Rights Reserved platform or plant with an intuitive graphical interface, running on a thin IBM, the IBM logo and are client, where filtered data is presentable in hierarchal levels of detail, trademarks or registered trademarks ready for analysis and decision making. of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other ● Better decision making, utilizing sophisticated measurement and predic- countries, or both. If these and other tive analysis—analyze oil field production, viewing all key performance IBM trademarked terms are marked on indicators (KPIs) and measurements in the right business context, for their first occurrence in this information both near real-time decision making and operational planning. with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or ● Intelligent alerts and event management—work with intelligent, predic- common law trademarks owned by tive, sophisticated alerts that drive information and action to both IBM at the time this information was human and system participants. published. Such trademarks may also be ● Optimized automation and integration—gain an open enterprise data registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of and process integration framework for existing and new production IBM trademarks is available on the applications. Web at “Copyright and trademark ● Expert collaboration—enable or extend collaboration with experts on information“ at challenges and solutions instantly via collaboration technologies and copytrade.shtml shared information. Other product, company or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Improve experts’ productivity The ability to make timely, smart business decisions about field operations and production, refining, and chemical plant assets directly drives the effectiveness, efficiency and production of upstream or downstream facilities. Get more timely information in context with the IBM Chemical and Petroleum Information Integration Framework, the software platform for upstream and downstream oil and gas and chemical production solutions. For More Information To learn more about IBM Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: CHS03005-USEN-00