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On Maps and in Minds: The Boundaries of Stoke Newington


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A talk by Amir Dotan. Presented in the 8th Stoke Newington History Talks event, Nov 14th, 2018 in St Matthias Halls, Stoke Newington.

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On Maps and in Minds: The Boundaries of Stoke Newington

  1. 1. On maps and in minds: The boundaries of Stoke Newington Amir Dotan
  2. 2. Who cares about boundaries anyway???!
  3. 3. Stoke Newington
  4. 4. Disclaimer I am not here today to tell you if you live in Stoke Newington or not
  5. 5. Google, where is Stoke Newington?
  6. 6. RightMove, where is Stoke Newington?
  7. 7. “I live in Mildmay Grove North. When I first moved to the area years ago I used to tell people I live in Canonbury. These days I say I live in Dalston”
  8. 8. Mike Hall
  9. 9. Is Stoke Newington East or North London?
  10. 10. Where is ‘your’ Stoke Newington?
  11. 11. “That’s Stamford Hill, not Stoke Newington”
  12. 12. In 2014 new ward boundaries were introduced in Hackney
  13. 13. “Stamford Hill is an area of Inner London.The neighbourhood is a sub-district of Hackney”
  14. 14. Is it all of N16?
  15. 15. The old parish?
  16. 16. The old borough?
  17. 17. Is it the ‘Stoke Newington’ constituency boundaries? Proposed 2018Current
  18. 18. It used to be (fairly) easy to know where were the boundaries of Stoke Newington
  19. 19. 1734 - The Demesne of the Manor of Stoke Newington Demesne: A piece of land attached to a manor and retained by the owner for their own use.
  20. 20. 1814 - Parish boundaries
  21. 21. 1846 - St Mary Stoke Newington parish boundaries
  22. 22. 1734 1814 1846
  23. 23. Sir John Johnson Runtz - First Mayor of Stoke Newington 1900-1 First Stoke Newington Town Hall, Milton Grove 1900-37
  24. 24. 1900-1965 Metropolitan Borough of Stoke Newington boundaries
  25. 25. Metropolitan Borough of Stoke Newington (1900-65) Metropolitan Borough of Hackney (1900-65) 1916 Wards
  26. 26. 1935 street directory
  27. 27. Stoke Newington Road (1-175 odd) High Street (17-217 odd)
  28. 28. Pre-1965: ‘Borough of Hackney’ Since 1965: ’London Borough of Hackney’
  29. 29. Stoke Newington Hackney Shoreditch
  30. 30. London Borough of Kingsland??
  31. 31. An ill-defined district since 1965