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130 Years of Clissold Park by Amir Dotan


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Presented at the 12th Stoke Newington History Talks event

Published in: Education
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130 Years of Clissold Park by Amir Dotan

  1. 1. 130 Years of Clissold Park Amir Dotan
  2. 2. Before it became a public park in 1889, Clissold Park was a semi-rural private estate.
  3. 3. As photos from the 1860s show, the vast estate wasn’t ready for the public when it was saved in 1888
  4. 4. The successful campaign to save Clissold Park from development was followed by work to turn it into a public
  5. 5. Work to get the new park ready for the public included new footpaths, water supply, fencing etc.
  6. 6. Features and attractions, like a bandstand, were introduced over the years
  7. 7. 1952-1960 The miniature railway
  8. 8. The New River was a dominant feature of the park as it ran along Stoke Newington Church St till 1958
  9. 9. 1946
  10. 10. The boating lake
  11. 11. The bowling green
  12. 12. 1909 - Opening of a larger and improved bowling green
  13. 13. Deer and birds
  14. 14. The playarea