LGBT Queensland election issues by Healthy Communities


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Where the parties stand on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues for the Queensland 2012 election.

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LGBT Queensland election issues by Healthy Communities

  1. 1. LGBT election issuesWhere the parties stand for the Queensland election
  2. 2. Produced byHealthy Communitiesfrom responses to an LGBTelection issues survey.
  3. 3. Queensland Labor PartyTRACK RECORDLabor has reformed various laws affecting LGBT people, including:• decriminalising homosexuality• introducing anti-discrimination legislation• extending the presumption of parenthood in same-sex headed families• recognising de-facto same-sex couples• altruistic surrogacy, and• introducing Civil Partnerships.
  4. 4. Queensland Labor PartyFUTURE PLANSWhile no new plans for the LGBTI community were announced in the election period, there are a number of previously announced or initiated activities that would continue, including:• amending the gay panic defence laws• reviewing the anti-discrimination legislation• continuing Civil Partnerships• continuing the LGBTI Roundtable, and• new funding to Open Doors youth service of $150,000 over 3 years.
  5. 5. Queensland Labor PartyCOMMENTLabor have shown a good commitment to law reform over the years, although there is still more to do (e.g. age of consent). Labor has also shown a good commitment to HIV services, with a very good strategy in place (although this has now been allowed to lapse).Work to address other LGBT health and wellbeing issues has been slower to develop, with most progress being made in their last term, particularly the LGBTI Roundtable and its activities.
  6. 6. Liberal National PartyTRACK RECORDBeing out of government for 20 of the past 22 years means there is little track record on LGBT issues for the LNP.In 1997 they established the LGBTI Police Liaison Officers scheme and Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld (although Labor introduced the Anti- discrimination Act 1991).Most recently they voted against Civil Partnerships and altruistic surrogacy.The current Shadow Minister for Communities, Fiona Simpson has previously spoken in support of Exodus, an organisation that claims to "cure" homosexuality.
  7. 7. Liberal National PartyFUTURE PLANSThe LNP have said they will look to repeal Civil Partnerships, but that it may not be possible and they will not leave people in limbo.They will consider changes to laws relating to unwanted sexual advances (“gay panic” defence).They will look at how to expand the effectiveness of school based programs tackling racism to cover the broad diversity of discrimination.
  8. 8. Liberal National PartyCOMMENTThe LNP has few specific or targeted initiatives for the LGBT community, rather focusing on working ‘for all Queenslanders’, which we hope includes LGBT people.Their intention to repeal Civil Partnerships has left many feeling fearful about what else might be wound back.It is not clear if existing initiatives (e.g. LGBTI Roundtable) would continue under an LNP government.The LNP will need to work hard to build the trust and confidence of the LGBT community.
  9. 9. Queensland Greens TRACK RECORD Not having a Member of Parliament in Queensland means there has been little opportunity for the Greens to develop a track record on LGBT issues. However they have had a specific LGBTI policy at the last few elections and have been active in other states and territories and nationally on LGBTI issues.
  10. 10. Queensland GreensFUTURE PLANSThe Greens did not return our election survey but has an LGBTI policy which includes:• commitments to equality of access to adoption• amending the criminal code so that non-violent sexual advances do not constitute a defence of provocation• equal age of consent• state documents reflecting a person’s chosen gender• expanding the LGBTI Roundtable to whole of government• increasing numbers and role of LGBTI police liaison officers• funding for anti-violence campaigns• establishing a peak body for LGBTI organisations• funding for a state-wide LGBTI mental health service, and• access to appropriate medical procedures and counselling for transgender and intersex people.
  11. 11. Queensland GreensCOMMENTThe Greens have been a long term supporter of LGBT issues and have initiated important reforms in other states and nationally.
  12. 12. Bob Katter’s Australian PartyTRACK RECORDBob Katter is well known for comments against the LGBT community, and most recently a widely condemned homophobic advert.The current Australian Party member of Queensland Parliament and state leader, Aidan McLindon has used LGBT issues, particularly rip&roll, to create controversy.Mr McLindon also voted against Civil Partnerships and Altruistic Surrogacy.
  13. 13. Bob Katter’s Australian PartyFUTURE PLANSThe Australian Party did not return our election survey. They have publicly announced that they would repeal Civil Partnerships.
  14. 14. Bob Katter’s Australian PartyCOMMENTThe leadership of Katters Australian Party do not to support LGBT issues and indeed will work against our interests.Some individual candidates have however spoken in support of LGBT issues and against their leaderships stance (e.g. the homophobic advert).
  15. 15. Who are we?Healthy Communities promotes the health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Queenslanders.
  16. 16. Who are we?For more information on Healthy Communities’ work, visit or find us on social media.