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Life of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the US


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A typical CNA is caring by nature, it involves helping others and making their lives more enjoyable whenever the opportunity arises. There are unlimited opportunities when working as a CNA to bring a smile to a face, or make the day a little brighter for patients.

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Life of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the US

  1. 1. Life of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the US Life of a CNA in the US
  2. 2. Life of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the US Key Points Qualities and abilities Earning Duties and Responsibilities lifestyle Hard work but greatly rewarding CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT If you are considering becoming a certified Nursing Assistant, this presentation will provide you an idea of what it is like to one. Basically, we help patients or clients with healthcare needs under the supervision of a Registered Nurse but that’s not all.
  3. 3. Teamwork Mentoring Group work Decision making Delegation Collaboration Good interpersonal & communication skills Teamwork Helping others Nurturing Caring Ability to lift 40 to 60 pounds High standards of personal ethics & professionalism Qualities and abilities For a certified nursing assistant to be successful, there are qualities and abilities he or she must posses
  4. 4. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT •Density of population •Practical work experience •Size and number of hospitals and clinics •Competition •Additional certification and degrees •working hours. •CNAs typically earn hourly wage. This means that their pay will fluctuate depending on the hours they work. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nursing assistants generally earns between $7.50 and $11.50 per hour with the median hourly wage at $9.50. But there are few key factors that can play a crucial role in deciding the earnings even beyond $15. They include:
  5. 5. Location is the major factor that can affect the CNA earnings. In the following Bureau of Labor Statistics, you’ll learn that CNAs working in home health care and assisted living facilities tend to earn less than their counterparts working in general hospitals and the average CNA salary in some states can be well over $30,000-per-year
  6. 6. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT The position of CNA is usually considered entry level in the healthcare field which means that their pay would be considered entry level. It varies based upon many factors such as qualifications, experience, the facility that the CNA will work for, job location, etc. However, because it is entry level, the certification process doesn’t take four years like a nurses or require loads of money. Many employers provide full time certified nursing assistants with fringe benefits such as paid vacation, sick days, medical and hospital benefits, over-time pay The demands placed on certified nursing assistants may be so great that they may feel that the pay is not commensurate with their duties. Sometimes some may feel abused, angry and under appreciated. Therefore if you are expecting to make a lot of money, you may be disappointed. Whatever the reason for your interest in becoming an assistant to nurses, their wages are nothing to scoff at especially if you are making a fresh start in your life. These wages can still take care of a lot of bills.
  7. 7. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT They provide basic direct patient care to assist with daily living activities such as turning and positioning patients; providing basic hygiene; lifting; transferring; infection control; toileting; measuring vital signs such as: blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration. Duties and Responsibilities The life of a certified nursing assistant tends to include a vast array of different responsibilities that may change on a day to day basis, depending on the specific needs of the patients under their care. CNAs fulfill critical roles in various medical communities such as: ►Hospitals ►residential care facilities ►nursing homes ►rehabilitation centers ►home health services. ►adult day care centers ►personal homes ►assisted living facilities
  8. 8. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT CNAs help in gathering different information such us testing vital signs, ordering blood tests, taking temperatures, and asking questions of patients to form a dossier of information so that the nurses can get right to the point when they see a patient. CNAs interact with the public as well as acting as a liaison between patients and registered nurses or licensed practicing nurses.
  9. 9. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT Day to Day Work •CNAs help in Keeping Records •Other duties they may perform include answering patient calls, providing patients with food and drink, as requested, and helping patients change into clean clothes. •Certified Nursing Assistants will often be asked to help the nurses with a variety of responsibilities – cleaning up meal trays after meals and helping patients who are unable to feed themselves. •CNAs may also collect urine or stool samples, change adult diapers for patients who are incontinent, or change linens which become soiled. •They fulfill basic quality of life needs for patients of any age, ethnicity or gender in nursing care facilities and clinics. Therefore they have daily contact with patients. •Sometimes their workload can become intense and fast-paced, but the human contact and ability to help those in medical need is a strong motivating factor.
  10. 10. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT ONE BIG RESPONSIBILITY Dealing with the patient’s relatives. This can include assisting the family with unexpected needs and taking their telephone calls. The relatives always have a lot of questions and are on edge most of the time. That’s why the CNAs are taught proper terms and techniques, they also need to be good in their communication skills.
  11. 11. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT When nursing assistants are employed in residential care facilities and nursing homes, they often provide round the clock assistance for the patients’ personal care. These jobs are in high demand in the health care industry because the doctors and nurses are involved in ensuring that the patients are getting the best medical care. It also allows CNAs to show the world the compassionate person they are. Seeing the smiles on their patients’ faces makes their days go a lot smoother For those who want to work in hospitals, it is crucial to go through the CNA Exam Cram to find out more about the requirements of becoming CNAs as well as other resources such as practice tests and best study guides.
  12. 12. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT Lifestyle •The CNAs are enjoying full time employment and different working hours that go well with their lifestyles. •They are enjoying their hourly payments that go well with their lifestyles and wages.. •They are in large demand all around the world by hospitals and nursing homes.
  13. 13. Being a CNA can be an amazing experience and provide a wealth of experiences and joy in your life. But, before you take that first step and start preparing for this wonderful career, you should make sure you understand what you are getting into. Others quit their job each year because they find that it is too much work for too little salary. Being a CNA isn’t easy, and we all wish the pay is more, but most people don’t become CNAs for the money, they become a CNA because of the enrichment their job provides for the people around them. You do it because you care.
  14. 14.  Sometimes there is no rent or food to be paid for, No travel payments or other expenses when you work and travel around the nation. This is the most favorite benefit when working as a certified nursing assistant because it shows many opportunities out there. So when a Nurse goes on a travel assignment the agency pays her the same kind of money as they do in a regular job. The agency spends one part on the housing, another part on the car and moving expenses and whatever is left remains in your salary.
  15. 15. HARD WORK BUT GREATLY REWARDING You will be constantly attending to patients needs, helping with meals, cleaning and moving patients between wards and different areas of the hospital. But Most certified nursing assistants agree that the job is worthwhile and there is a sense of satisfaction at the end of everyday while they carry their duties at the best of their abilities.
  16. 16. CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT CONCLUSION CNAs are a crucial part of the healthcare industry and there is a constant need for nursing assistants whether in medical facilities or nursing homes You can have a great and prestigious career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. It plays an important roles in the modern health care environment. Without the dedication and hard work of CNAs, life for both nurses and doctors would be a whole lot more difficult. There are many ways to learn more about what life is like for CNAs, but your decision to become a certified nursing assistant should be influenced by your personal life circumstances. With CNA Exam Cram you can find out exactly what you need to know about being a CNA and the preparations required to pass the CNA exams. Access their CNA practice tests, pretest and even free Study Guides. They can help you pass and even help you to write your Resume or Cover letter. Being a CNA is a very important and rewarding career, especially if you aspire to to rise in the health care field.
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