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Devishree guruji- Inspired Living


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An inspired way of life is achievable only if you want it.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
  • devishree fake guruji rasaleela తమిల్నధు కర్నతక లొ తరిమి కొతదం తొ తెలుగు వాళ్లను వంచన , కస్థలలొ ఉన్న అదవల్లను వంచన please share it .........................
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Devishree guruji- Inspired Living

  1. 1. Inspired Living -­‐ Devishree Guruji
  2. 2. “ Without a reason we trust God to receive his grace. We trust people also with or without reason many a times. From this we understand Nothing can happen without a reason and Nothing can be made possible without faith or trust. So faith and reason are the banks of the same river. We can question the reason behind an action but never question the faith”
  3. 3. “Knowledge is the true companion in an unknown place. Wife is the best companion in the comforts of home. Medicines are the best friend for a patient to heal faster and DHARMA is the ultimate companion after ones death to ones next journey. Stand by your virtues and noble deeds and stay humble. It will take you a long way in life”