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Drupal 7 theming with Template Field Variables


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The Template Field Variables module is a utility module for themers. Its only purpose is to make Drupal template development less painful. It provides "dead-simple variables" rather than Drupal's infamous "massive nested arrays". In this presentation the module author will walk you through how to make your life easier as a themer.

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Drupal 7 theming with Template Field Variables

  1. 1. Drupal 7 theming with Template Field Variables Jeremy Epstein Drupal Camp Sydney, Blue Mountains 29 Jun 2014
  2. 2. Template Field Variables:
  3. 3. Default Drupal 7 node.tpl.php
  4. 4. Fledgling Drupal themer Image credit:
  5. 5. Wants a byline in a blockquote
  6. 6. Gets this output
  7. 7. Hey, how about this kitten-killer
  8. 8. Image credit:
  9. 9. The Right Way™ - a field­­field­byline.tpl.php
  10. 10. The Other Right Way™ - without having to override field.tpl.php
  11. 11. Image credit:
  12. 12. field­­field­bla.tpl.php Image credit:
  13. 13. Image credit:
  14. 14. How to override node.tpl.php Non rocket-scientists' edition