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Sass: An Introduction

  1. your automated mobile and interactive application partner Sass: An Introduction Gregg Borodaty – Aumnia, Inc. November 11, 2015
  2. aumnia.comThe Agenda 1. Sass – what is it? 2. Sass in practice 3. A couple of key features 4. How to get started 5. Resources
  3. Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets
  4. aumnia.comWhat is a CSS Preprocessor? “A scripting language that extends CSS and gets compiled into regular CSS syntax”
  5. aumnia.comHow popular is Sass? According to an information survey of developers conducted at
  6. aumnia.comBut wait, I’m already a CSS expert… Sass will make you a CSS ninja! It will help you to •Generate cleaner, more readable code, •Organize and modularize your CSS, •Create pieces for reuse across projects (and sharing), •Import cool libraries, and •Achieve cross-browser compatibility (with some help from its friends)
  7. aumnia.comSass in practice Sass source code Generated CSS
  8. aumnia.comKey features (to get you going) • Nesting • Variables • [Advanced] Mathematical Calculations • Color variations Let’s see if live examples will work….
  9. aumnia.comGetting Started Three ways: 1.Use an application – CodeKit, Scout, etc. 2.Go command line See for more info on above options 3.Step up your game and use a task runner a) These are tools like Gulp or Grunt b) They do all kinds of great stuff in addition to turning your Sass into CSS
  10. aumnia.comResources For Sass: For Bootstrap: For Grunt:
  11. For more information about Aumnia: For more information about me: Thank you!