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Ascent Marketing Powerpoint page March 2015

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Ascent Marketing Powerpoint page March 2015

  1. 1. March 2015 Ascent Marketing Ph 03 53583599 1 Marketing in business is a vital investment….. Strategy… When times are tough, you can’t afford to knock your marketing plan on the head. When times are busy, it’s still crucial to keep up to date with marketing, to keep your business going into the future. You need to make a plan, and have a strategy to forge ahead, to increase your profits… Take a moment to read on, to see how we can help your business achieve results…
  2. 2. INCREASE PROFITS KEEP FOCUSED SAVE TIME Do you need to step up your telemarketing and get improved results?  We are currently providing a range of marketing initiatives and services to businesses, on a demand basis.  You can now achieve more in less time, by delegating some of your marketing tasks. This enables you to stay focused on other areas of your business.  Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to our clients (and your customers) at all times.  Please contact our team to discuss how we can help you.  We are keen to help you succeed in business and make your job easier. CALL US TODAY  03 53583599 or EMAIL  Website. Coming Soon! March 2015 Ascent Marketing Ph 03 53583599 2
  3. 3.  Marketing initiatives  Telemarketing  CRM management and updating  Database cleansing  Accurate record keeping  Mail out service  Brochure presentation packs distribution  E-blast  Conference organising  Other tasks on request  Photoshop- Photo Enhancement for brochures March 2015 Services we provide Ascent Marketing Ph 03 53583599 3 No CRM. We can call from Excel, Word, Yellow & White pages
  4. 4.  Increase in sales  Attracts more customers  Increases how often your customers spend  Increases how much your customers spend  Identifies customers needs  Builds better customer relationships  Identifies in-depth customer needs  Effective marketing results in increased profits. March 2015 Ascent Marketing Ph 03 53583599 4
  5. 5. To whom it may concern We engaged in the telemarketing services provided by Ascent Marketing and found them to be particularly successful in the cleansing of data. Cleansing our data involved making outbound calls to persons who may only have been contacted on one prior occasion. The team at Ascent Marketing performed this service with a professional and enthusiastic approach which has been of great benefit to our sales & marketing teams. In order for Ascent Marketing to cleanse this data, we provided them with access to our CRM and gave some training on how to navigate the system. They proved to be extremely trustworthy and treated our data with confidentiality. From our experiences with Ascent Marketing, we found them to be honest and willing to be part of the team. JP Alphaline Distribution & Support To whom it may concern I confirm we engaged the services of Ascent Marketing, owned by Greg & Sharon Perrier from the 1/07/12 to the 4/10/12. Both Greg & Sharon fulfilled their job role and yielded results. Their ability to provide reports of works carried out was of high standards. Yours Faithfully RS Central Storage Systems March 2015 Ascent Marketing Ph 03 53583599 5
  6. 6. Please be free to call, to discuss how we can help you with your marketing requirements. Greg Perrier Ph 03 5358 3599 or 03 5358 2865 Mobile 0438 019 388 Email Postal & Delivery address: Ascent Marketing 11 Moonlight Street Stawell Victoria 3380 ABN 79211359176 We look forward to being of assistance in helping you forward. March 2015 Ascent Marketing Ph 03 53583599 6