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Whatever your interest, there's bound to be a video to please you in the entries for the global working video competition - split by sector/interest

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Find your sector

  1. 1. Global WorkingBy industry….
  2. 2. AutosGlobal working car commercial Racing Mechanics competition/entries/global-working-racing-commercial.html mechanics.html
  3. 3. EducationFinding your path in the digital age
  4. 4. EnvironmentGlobal Social & EnvironmentalResponsibility A Global Working PSA competition/entries/global-warming-a-global-working-responsibility.html psa.html
  5. 5. Financial MarketsGlobalization from threeperspectives that affect your life
  6. 6. Formula oneRacing Mechanics
  7. 7. MusicGlobalization in the music industry Man with 1000 Arms competition/entries/man-with-a-thousand-arms.htmlindustry.html
  8. 8. Not for profit Why Global Working is HelpingTransform the way we work Charity Fundraisers competition/entries/why-global-working-is-helping-using-social-network-technology.html charity-fundraisers.html
  9. 9. Science and technologyFIRST Globalization competition/entries/globalization.htmlentryfirst.html
  10. 10. Social MediaGlobalization from threeperspectives that affect your life Transform the way we work competition/entries/transform-the-way-we-work-competition-globalization-from-three-perspectives- using-social-network-technology.htmlthat-affect-your-life.html
  11. 11. Social MediaThoughts on global integration