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Australian slang phrases


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Australian Slang Book- Learn the Aussie lingo, find out where Aussies slang originated Australian culture, Aussie Gift Packs

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Australian slang phrases

  1. 1. Australian Slang PhrasesHere are some informationabout common Australian Slang Phrases.
  2. 2. • Hello! Here are some of the most popular daily slang phrases youll hear us Aussies. We Australian often substitute English words for slang, you may be confused or amused at the sentences we developed even when you speak English. We usually use slang just so we can shorten a sentence. We Aussies are also often up front and straight-forward but friendly, so it good for us - we even shorten words when we describe peoples profession.
  3. 3. Everyday Australian Slang Words:• Gday - Hi Hoo Roo - Bye! Ta - Thanks! Dunny - Toilet. Dunno - I dont know... Mate - Can be anyone you know (instead of using their name) Sheila - Aussie girl Chick or Chickie babe - Cute Aussie girl. Bloke - Aussie male True Blue - Totally Australian Aussie - From Australia Ocker - An Aussie masculan male drinker /womaniser. Buggalugs / Possum - Friendly endearment Barbie - Barbeque Snags - Sausages. Abso Bloody Lutely - Absolutely Ripper - Fantastic! Barney - An arguement Agro - Angry Betcha - I bet you
  4. 4. • Bluger - Lazy person Peckish - Hungry Bananas - Going crazy Berko - Going crazy Crickey! - Surprised at something (good or bad) Struth! - Shocked! Thongs - Flip-flop shoes Undies - Underwear Togs - Swim wear Sanger - Sandwich Cactus - Broken Kaput - Broken Cheezed Off - Annoyed Far Out - Great! or thats bad! Fair Dinkum - Its true or is it true?
  5. 5. • Waffle - talking nonsense Chockie - Chocolate Choof Off - Leave Bottle O - Alcohol shop Watering Hole - Pub Daks - Pants Yobbo - Nerds / uncouth person Daggy - Out of fashion Durry - Cigarette Hard Yakka - Hard work Earbash - Someone has been pestering you. Egg On - To encourage someone Fanny - Vagina Cake hole - Mouth Get nicked - Go away! Rack Off - Go away! Bugger Off - Go away! Bugger Me - Shocked. Dodgy - suspicious Bull Dust - A lie Rat Bag - Untrustworthy person Iffy - Suspicious Cark It - Die Veg out - Relax Oldies - Parents Relies - Relatives Quids - Money Zonked Out - Exhausted No Worries - Thats okayThanks for reading this valuable information.