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Meetings operators 100413


Published on is a free cloud-based meeting organizer for running awesome business meetings.
With busy entrepreneurs can keep materials up-to-date and everyone on the same page without changing people’s habits. Users can manage meetings, materials, notes, and agenda without endless email loops.

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Meetings operators 100413

  1. 1. www.meetin.gsThe smartest way to meetOperator business caseConfidential
  2. 2. What was the agenda?Where is it located?Who is going to be there?...where is that email?ProblemMeeting related datais scattered acrossmultiple applicationsEmailCalendarContactsLinkedInMapsFacebook
  3. 3. Did everyone reviewthe material I sent?None of the apps arewell designed formeetings... really.AttachmentsAgendaActionpointsDiscussion???
  4. 4. Meeting at a GlanceMeeting information that used to be scattered around isnow available on a single view, integrated with your workflow.
  5. 5. Meeting timeline to keep youfocused on your meetings.gCatch Up YourMeetings
  6. 6. Shared OnlineMeeting SpaceShare agenda, materialsand action points.View documents in browser– no need for downloads.Edit & comment materials.Invite participants based ona unified address book.Choose a live communicationtool such as Skype.Suggest times and RSVP.
  7. 7. PersonalMeetingPage Greetings!Here you can look at my availability for a businessmeeting at our offices in downtown Helsinki. Picktime and provide a short agenda and I’ll get rightback to you.Your personal URL tolet others to suggesta time to meet you.Branded andpersonalized.Different meetingURLs for differentkind of meetings.
  8. 8. ProposeMeetingTimesConnects and takesinto account yourexisting calendar.Accept/declinemeeting requests.Pre-define meetinglocation, durationand availability.
  9. 9. Organize Meetings Where Your Customers AreWith a browser extension (Chrome)we add a Schedule meeting buttonon the services where you spendmost time interacting with yourcustomers and prospects:• LinkedIn• Google Gmail• Google Calendar• Highrise• ...more to come...Creates a meeting instantly with allthe relevant information extractedfrom the third party service.
  10. 10. Decisions are yours – for the rest:Find a suitable time,sync the calendarsSchedulingProvide agenda &materials onlineSharingEdit agenda together,discuss materialsPreparationRemind aboutupcoming meetingsRemindersAction pointsdocumented & sharedResultsAgenda & materialsarchived for later useRepositoryFollow-up & sharewith colleaguesCollaborationKeeps participantson the same pageNotificationsOnline & In-Person
  11. 11. Potential users enter via:Scheduling page of a person Email invitation to a meeting Mobile site/app
  12. 12. We Hook Them With the AppAutomates your daily tasks to:• Find & confirm a suitable time• Set agenda, share materials,invite participants• Focus on the next actionFully integrated:• Meeting time proposalsbased on your calendar• Share availability with others• Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook• Android, iOS, mobile site“The 15 minutes between meetings”
  13. 13. Contacts ParticipantsOrganizers80% convert tousers, rest stay in theloop through emailMeetingsSubscribers IntegrationsISVs, cloud providersOperators, cloud brokersBusiness centers, event organizers4-8 contactsinvited / meetingFreemiumPRO subscriptionor pay-as-you-goEntrepreneursConsultantsFreelancersUpsell to PRO Subscription & IntegrationsValue-addedservicesOnline & face-to-face1 click viral loop – Low customer acquisition costs€€
  14. 14. TimeAgenda & materialsCommunication Consultant YFreelancerZCorporationXOffice 365Corporate intraWebexGoogle CalendarGmailSkypeGoogle AppsHighriseBasecampEveryone has theirown IT integrateaccross the border.Organize Meetings With Other CompaniesIntelligent meeting service instead of email & phone call hassle
  15. 15. Workflow ToolsLive Communication ToolsIntegrate With Existing Tools• Email• Calendars• Address books• Social networks• etc...APIBasics• Skype• Teleconferencing (operator)• Screen sharing (coming soon)• Webex (coming soon)• etc...• Dropbox• Google Drive (coming soon)• Highrise (coming soon)• Basecamp (coming soon)• etc...Think: “Apps for meetings”Embrace, integrate, extend
  16. 16. Our Role in the EcosystemNew wave of enterprise b2b services on the cloudCompany drivenSubscription, per seatIntranet, ITCost drivenFree trial + monthlyCloud, self-service“Between companies” – Company & user agnostic, viralCorporations SoHo / SMEsIntegrate
  17. 17. for OperatorsOperatorservicesOperatorSales & MarketingVoice/SMSWebconferencingScreen-sharingCloudservicesChannel partnerSME/enterprise salesOnline sales/hotspotsBranded as part of thecloud services.Bundles otheroperator services.Increase ARPPU, drivedown churn andcustomer Viral Loop5-15% convert to PRO userspaying X €/month oroccasionally buy credits100% trial PRO 1-3 monthsFree marketingRest downgrade tofreemium, invite new usersby organizing meetings ? PROon operatorcloud marketplaceRevenue sharing
  18. 18. Operator OpportunityBundle operator services• Teleconferencing, online conferencing, video, SMS, cloud storage, cloud services etc.• Bundle devices such as tablets, smartphones and business laptops.• Provisioning through a cloud broker platform (Parallels etc.) or over the web as a SaaS.Reach lucrative SME/SoHo market• Small finally an attractive market: Strong virality & high engagement drive up ARPU and lower CAC.• Freemium model provides “free marketing” accelerates viral growth.• Integrates services end-users use (e.g. Google & Skype) > ability to monetize on top.• Entry point to acquire new enterprise customers (SMEs organizing meetings with bigger companies).Why we work with operators?• Competition: We provide a solution for operators to create a competitive high value bundle.• Trust: Operators are trusted providers locally with a trusted billing connection.• Localization: Translated version only through a local operator, bundled with local services.• Better monetization & conversion rates: high end-user value through bundling.
  19. 19. CEO Teemu 50 555 7636Skype: infe00Twitter: tar1naI would be happy to schedulea meeting to tell you