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Fresh & Easy's "Meal Idea Video Contest" FAQs


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Frequently Asked Questions and accompanying answers for Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's "Meal Idea Video Contest", hosted on Facebook

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Fresh & Easy's "Meal Idea Video Contest" FAQs

  1. 1. Meal Idea Video Contest Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What is a meal idea?A: What we’re looking for are items that combine to make a unique and tasty meal for breakfast,lunch or dinner – not a set of ingredients to make only one item. To see examples of our mostrecent meal ideas visit How do I submit my meal idea video?A: The link to the entry form can be found on our Facebook Complete all required fields on the contest entry form withyour name, email and so on. When you click ‘continue’ you will be taken to the video upload toolwhich will allow you to upload your video to your Facebook account or from your YouTubeaccount. If you use Facebook to upload your video, please double check that the privacysettings for that video are set to ‘Everyone’ (since this is a public video contest, your video willhave to be publicly visible to be seen by all of us!). Follow the on-screen prompts to load yourvideo.Q: How will I know you received my video?A: You will receive an email verifying your video entry was received.Q: How long should my video be?A: The video submissions should be no longer than four minutes each.Q: Do I have to use a specific video camera?A: No, you can use any type of camera you would like! We encourage entrants to be creativeand record videos from their cell phones, cameras, flip cams and home video recorders.Q: Do I need to have a certain amount of items in my meal?A: If a meal to you consists of two items or 12, it’s a meal to us. So send your creative ideasour way!Q: Do I need to have fresh&easy products featured in my meal?A: Yes, the majority of items used in your meal idea should be fresh&easy brand products.Q: Do all the products I use in my meal idea have to be from fresh&easy?A: Yes, all products used in your video meal idea have to be available at fresh&easy.Q: Who can enter?A: Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and a legal U.S. resident currently residing inArizona, California or Nevada is encouraged to participate.Q: But my 18th birthday is during the contest and I want to submit my meal idea now. CanI still submit it?A: Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you are officially 18 years old until you can hit thesubmit button to send us your meal idea.
  2. 2. Q: I work for fresh&easy, may I enter?A: Sorry, this contest isn’t open to fresh&easy employees, its affiliates or agencies, or theirimmediate family members.Q: What are the important dates for the Meal Idea Contest?A: Submission Submission Voting Begins Voting Ends Winner is Period Begins Period Ends Announced March 12, 2012 April 30, 2012 May 15, 2012 May 31, 2012 June 12, 2012Q: When’s the deadline to submit a meal idea video?A: April 30, 2012 at 11:59:59pm.Q: What if I do not have a Facebook account, can I still enter?A: Since this is a Facebook run program, you’ll need an account if you’d like to participate in thecontest. You can create one for free at How many times can I submit a meal idea video?A: One meal idea video can be submitted per person.Q: How many finalists will be chosen?A: Up to ten meal idea videos will be chosen to be in the running for the grand prize.Q: How will I know if I’m a finalist?A: We’ll contact the finalists via email or phone.Q: What is the “copyright assignment” form?A: In order for us to promote your meal idea throughout our fresh&easy channels, we need tohave the copyright for it. The Copyright Assignment Form shows that we have the legal right touse your video and meal idea. Only contest finalists will have to complete and return this form.Q: Where can I find out if I won?A: The winner will be announced on our Facebook Page onJune 12, 2012.Q: Who picks the finalists?A: A panel of fresh&easy judges, including our team of chefs, will pick the finalists based onoriginality, creativity and tastiness.Q: Who picks the winner and runners up?A: You do! The Facebook community will vote for their favorite meal idea video. So make sureto let your friends know to vote for your video if you’re a finalist!
  3. 3. Q: What’s the prize?A: The grand prize is a $1,000 gift card to fresh&easy and the winning meal idea will befeatured throughout fresh&easy’s various marketing channels. The second place winner willreceive a $500 gift card to fresh&easy and the third place winner will receive a $250 gift card tofresh&easy. All additional finalists will receive a $100 gift card to fresh&easy.Q: Can I get cash instead?A: Unfortunately no, we can’t award the value of the gift cards in cash. But just think of all thegreat products you’ll enjoy!Q: Can I have someone submit a video for me?A: No, you have to submit your own meal idea video to be eligible to win.Q: Can I mail in a DVD of my video?A: Unfortunately no, this is a Facebook run contest so everything needs to go through thischannel to be viewed.Q: Why can’t I see the form on my browser?A: You may be seeing the internet through a browser which our contest partner, Wildfire, doesnot support. Below is a list of supported and unsupported browsers. As a Microsoft Windowsuser, to check which browser you have, open your internet, click on ‘Help’ and then on ‘About(Browser Name)’.SUPPORTED BROWSERSThe Wildfire platform supports the following browsers: IE8 and IE9 Firefox 4+ Chrome 10+ Safari 4+UNSUPPORTED BROWSERSThe Wildfire platform does not support the following browsers: IE7 or older Firefox 3.6 or older Chrome 9 or older Safari 3 or older Other browsersSee the Official Rules & Regulations for more information.