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Haiti filmproposalfinal nx_powerlite_

  1. 1. ‘From Haiti to Paris’SponsorshipOpportunityFrankie Lambert7/1/2011
  2. 2. From Haiti to Paris A film of howFive homeless women represent their country in The Homeless WorldFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 2
  3. 3. Some Quotes"The Homeless World Cup has shown that football is a powerful tool in changing people’slives, and its great that we can play a part in that."Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager, Manchester United"Everybody needs to wake up in the morning with a goal. That is the main thing. TheHomeless World Cup brings this opportunity, to go training, to change your life."Eric Cantona, Ambassador, Homeless World Cup"The Homeless World Cup brings thousands of players a phenomenal once in a lifetimeopportunity to play football for their country and change their lives forever. Thedetermination and tremendous human spirit expressed as they have the courage to take thisopportunity and overcome obstacles to create a new world, is true inspiration for us all. Thisisa powerful experience they will carry with them forever and never look back. They are realstars. Get into the Homeless World Cup. Participate in sport changing the world."Ringo Starr, The Beatles"All over the world, I want to say, weve got to end homelessness. Everyone should have ahome; its a right and not a privilege. People treat the homeless as if theyre sub-human. Inorder to overcome this discrimination, we have to unite against homelessness as we did whenwe fought apartheid."Desmond Tutu at the Cape Town 2006 Homeless World CupFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 3
  4. 4. OverviewWhat is ‘The Homeless World Cup’ (THWC)10 years ago Mel Young 53, recognised as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs bythe Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and Austrian born Harald Schmiedattempted to invent an international language to enable homeless people to communicate witheach other around the world. When they realised one already existed – football – theHomeless World Cup was born. (www.homelessworldcup.org). Since 2003 the competitionhas gone from strength to strength. 25,000 players participated in training and trials for theCopenhagen 2007 Homeless World Cup from which 381 players went on to represent theircountry in Copenhagen. More than 200,000 homeless people have had their lives touched bythis global competition and more than 600 will be representing 64 national teams at the finalsin Paris this yearThis year MB Films is planning to follow the journey of the team from Haiti on their journeyto Paris. A team which, against all odds, has risen to the challenge inspite of the disastersand hardship which has befallen their country.Why the Team from HaitiDespite having common cultural links with its Hispano-Caribbean neighbors, Haiti is theonly predominantly Francophone independent nation in the Americas. It is one of only twoindependent nations in the Americas (along with Canada) that designate French as an officiallanguage; the other French-speaking areas are all overseas départements, or collectivités, ofFrance. It was a no brainer for us to follow the journey of the team from this tiny country intheir pilgrimage back to their French roots.OutlineThe Homeless World cup has became one of the most popular sporting events over the lastfew years, and in 2007 Scotland won the world cup! Through word of mouth and mediacoverage it has became a yearly talking point from players and supporters throughout theworld.We want to publicize the World Cup but more importantly the legacy that the companycreates around the sporting event.Our plan is to bring the tournament to a wider audience, through a feature film documentaryspanning the whole spectrum of the event not just the games. We want to tell the personalstories and focus on how the world cup has helped them to change their lives for the better.We want to take it from the passing conversation to a tournament that countries can bepatriotic about supporting.For further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 4
  5. 5. We want to make it a very personal film talking to the individuals and really highlighting thegreat work that the World cup promotes, we would like to interview the ambassadors aboutwhy they are involved, people at Nike and other sponsors about why they support theHomeless World Cup. How do they pick the teams, players who are the coaches?Our Goals 1. To create a feature length Documentary for Cinema DistributionOur aim is to make a 90 min documentary for the Homeless world cup with a focus on thisyears Haiti team. The film will be distributed through film festivals, limited cinema releaseand Video on demand (ITunes for example) sites.To highlight and educate the general public about the Homeless World Cup and the impact ithas on its participants.The legacy of the Homeless world cup is an important part of what we see the documentarybeing about. What happens to the players after the World Cup, where did the Haiti playersend up, what effect did being involved in this game have on there lives? We want to showhow the homeless world cup has a positive impact on not just the individual but thecommunity they are a part of.Haiti has been at the forefront of the world’s mind over the last year after the earthquake thatdestroyed so much of the country. This year is the first year Haiti have played in the homelessworld cup and we would like to follow the preparation of the team and there matches over theworld cup and what happens to them when they get back to Haiti. 2. The personal stories of the individual playersThe moving and emotional stories of the individual players are truly amazing, we want tofocus on these and really show how the players have over come great tragedies in their ownlives to get to a position where they can engage in the World Cup. How did they come tobeing picked, what do they have to sacrifice to be part of the tournament. Does this give theman escape from their lives. Will it change them for a positive or is it just a brief escapismbefore they have to return to their everyday routines.For further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 5
  6. 6. 3. Past & Present PlayersA focal point for our film is to highlight the effect this competition has on the individuals.The tournament itself is a driving force but we want to make it about the personal stories onand off the field, the participation/ the team work, the personal journey to get to where theyare and how they got there. How they interact with their teammates, how their stories interact.Why are they getting involved? Why do they want to play football. Are they playing to winthe tournament, or do they want to be recognized and prove a point to themselves and others,is this their moment to shine.StyleWe will use a mixture of HD footage/graphics and animations to create a stunningDocumentary that really showcases the amazing job that the homeless world cup does. It willtake in the flavor and scale of the games focusing on the individuals and the backgroundsthey come from it is a global sport and will highlight the vastly different backgrounds thateach country and each player comes from.DistributionThe finished production will be distributed via the following channelsDistribution will be through film festivals, limited cinema release and Video on demand aswell as placed on the Oscars watch list.Distribution includes: • San Jose Film Festival • Cannes Film Festival • Raindance Film Festival • British Urban Film Festival • Edinburgh International Film Festival • Tribeca Film Festival • London Film Festival • London International Documentary Festival • Melbourne International Film Festival • Red Bull TV Block on ServusTVFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 6
  7. 7. • ING • Outdoor Sport Channel® • ESPN • Sky • BBC • iTunes • NetflixThe last film made about the THWC was ‘Kicking it’ (2008) narrated by Colin Farell andproduced by Directed by Susan Koch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kicking_It_(film) .See a clip at YouTube http://youtu.be/3cQlKplEp64For further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 7
  8. 8. The Shoot TeamMatt Brown, Producer/ Director (BECTU member) http://mattbrownfilms.blogspot.com/ • 10 years of work in the film • Winner of Scottish BAFTA for Technical Excellence • Winner of the Christopher Johnston award • Nominee for BBC production team of the year • Nominee for YouTube do-gooder of the year • Currently working as a Freelance Producer/Director • BBC radio 4comedians storm the royal mile, produced and shot with a large team covering 3hours of live comedy on the royal mile. • Produced and shot 2 series of the talk of the fest with Paul Provenza • Produced and shot 48 shows over the Edinburgh fringe festival • Produced atv series in the Gobi Desert followed a group of ultra marathon runners for 3weeks.Patrick Murray DOP • Technical Co-coordinator / Camera Operator: ‘Human Planet’ • Broadcast–Technician: Visual Impact Ireland • Director and Camera Operator: E.P.K "New Town Killers” • Lighting Assistant: ‘Valhalla Rising’ • Winner2007 BAFTA Craft Award for Technical Excellence Film & TV Awards • Nominated best new work BAFTAFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 8
  9. 9. About MB ProductionsMB Productions was created by Scott Thomson (retired footballer) and Matthew Brown inearly 2011 to create great documentaries and TV shows that highlight great sportingachievements. The aim of the company is to showcase the most amazing personal stories andhow sport can make a difference at every level to peoples lives.Coming from a production background Matthew Brown has 10 years of experience workingin the film and TV industry, he has worked for clients that include : The BBC, ManchesterUnited, O2, Bigelow tea, The ministry of defence, ITV and the Scottish Government to namejust a few. He has run several production houses in the past and is now looking to concentrateon creating feature length films.Scott Thomson after having a very successful football career decided that he wanted to givesomething back to the sporting community and working with Matthew feels that to highlightand educate the public in the incredible things that are going on in sport across the world isone of the most effective ways he can do that.The production ScheduleDate Location Activity14th August 2011 Haiti Filming20th August 2011 Paris Filming28th August 2011 Haiti Filming25th October 2011 UK Final edit31st October 2011 San Jose film festival Gala Screening Deadline2nd February 2012 General ReleaseFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 9
  10. 10. Marketing support for the film launch to include • Website • Associated Press promotional distribution across all news rooms • Extensive cross media public relations campaign • TV, Newspaper reviews • Facebook page • Online blogs etc… • On-line viralsFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 10
  11. 11. Deliverables – what’s in it for you? • A single logo holding screen at the end of the production • Logo and information about the company on the film website • Interview/ mini featurette with the company representative that will go into the DVD release and also have a presence online • Product placement throughout the film • Within interviews and articles written in the press the company will be referenced. • On the DVD box (back cover) • Sponsor tag line “ xxxx company is proud to be a sponsor in the making of this film” • Directors credit for the sponsor • X50 boxed copies • Usage rights for promoting the sponsorship (UK only) in its social media activity • Right to use selected clips with its own intro and outro for on-line video sites such as Youtube • Tickets x10 to the Gala screening (travel and expenses at the sponsors expense) • X2 VIP tickets for the THWC Finals for the sponsor to create their own funded prize trip to the event (Eurostar or flights and hotel in Paris at the sponsors expense) • X10 VIP tickets to the finals • Creation of film facebook page to include sponsors logo and like back to sponsors own facebook page • Endorsement quote from Sir Alex Ferguson for the sponsor – wording to be agreed • Companies logo board backdrop for Paris interviewsFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 11
  12. 12. InvestmentYour investment for this comprehensive sponsorship relationship will be: • £150,000 GBPSome food for thought • 71% Consumers feel more positive towards sponsors that invest in community initiatives (S: Comm: Global sponsorship report 2009) • 65% Sponsors favour sponsorships which help them connect with communities (Source: SMG Insight/ You Gov 2010) • 44% Sponsors wish to better integrate CSR and sponsorship (Source: SMG Insight/ You Gov 2010) • One off charitable donationFor further information contact:Frankie LambertFrankie Lambert ConsultingFrankie.lambert@gmail.comFor further info contact Frankie.Lambert@gmail.com Page 12