Cloud presentatie bug 2011 v2


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Cloud computing forum discussion slides for Orange Benelux User Group 2011

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Cloud presentatie bug 2011 v2

  1. 1. Cloud Computingis the sky really the limit ?
  2. 2. About me:• Frank de Jong• Sr. Solution Consultant @ Orange Business Services in Amsterdam•• Twitter: frankatorange
  3. 3. So what is cloud computing?
  4. 4. As a metaphor for the Internet, “the cloud” is a familiar cliché, but when combined with“computing”, the meaning gets bigger and fuzzier.
  5. 5. So what is cloud computing?
  6. 6. Definition (by NIST) Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool ofconfigurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.
  7. 7. elastic
  8. 8. pay per use
  9. 9. shared
  10. 10. customercontrolled
  11. 11. ubiquitous access
  12. 12. There isone single cloud
  13. 13. Public Cloud• Shared with many customers• Highly standardised• (mainly) Internet based• Examples: Gmail, Google Apps, Office365,
  14. 14. Private Cloud• Shared infrastucture for one customer• Customisation possible• Connected via VPN• Examples: Orange Flexible4Business
  15. 15. Private CloudMicrosoft Windows Azure Appliance
  16. 16. Hybrid Cloud• Ambigious term• Shared Infrastructure for a vertical (healthcare) or:• Mix of private and public cloud• Lots of flavours of hybrid solutions available today
  17. 17. Business VPN Galerie
  18. 18. my company does/will not use cloud computing
  19. 19. So, what shape is your cloud ?
  20. 20. Software as a Service
  21. 21. Infrastructure as a Service
  22. 22. Platform as a Service• Development platform• Enables (rapid) development of custom SaaS solutions• Examples:, Windows Azure, Amazon ECC, Google AppEngine
  23. 23. XaaS• Storage as a Service• Database as a Service• Security as a Service• Backup as a Service• Integration as a Service• Information as a Service• Everything as a Service
  24. 24. You can seamlesslyintegrate public and private clouds
  25. 25. the cloud will always save you money
  26. 26. Drivers to move to cloud computing• Time to market for new services• Cost efficiencies• Availability• Scalability• “Green IT”
  27. 27. all you need is a creditcard
  28. 28. the cloud isfull of risks
  29. 29. Security (why should you care)• Facebook dataleaking• BPOS dataleaking• ABN-AMRO• Authentication / Password leaking
  30. 30. Compliancy• SoX compliance• Patriot Act• Safe Harbour
  31. 31. cloud computing willdecrease your workload
  32. 32. What will YOUR role be in the cloud?• Interface to the business• Specifier of functional and technical requirements• Vendor Management – SLA – Contract – Financials
  33. 33. cloud computing is about technology
  34. 34. Cloudbusting: how to make your cloud
  35. 35. Cloudbusting: ask yourself• Which applications are ready for the cloud?• Is my organisation ready for the cloud?• Does it make sense financially?• How do I know it will work?
  36. 36. Cloudbusting: select a provider• Do the characteristics of the service match my business requirements? – SLA – Security – Support• Is my provider financially stable?
  37. 37. Cloudbusting: closing remarks• Learn from early adaptors• Keep an eye on emerging standards• Get as much help as you can• Proceed pragmatically
  38. 38. It is better to be downhere, wishing you wereup there, than up therewishing you were down here