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Introduction Of China Venture Capital Forum(CVCF)


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Introduction Of China Venture Capital Forum(CVCF)

  1. 1. China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum(CVCF) Introduction The annual China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum was established in 1999 by Cheng Siwei who was the former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC and now has become the landmark forum with the longest history, the highest international degree, the largest of its kind in scale, and the best effectiveness. The Six Features of the Forum 1. The channel for direct communication between the policy maker and the industry The strong support and active participation of the Standing Committee of the NPC, State Council, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC),Ministry of Science and Technology , the Ministry of Commerce,State Administration of Taxation,the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) ,and State Administration of Foreign Exchange(SAFE) and the face-to-face communication between the decision maker and the senior figure of the industry could help them to understand the latest situation and problem and analyze the latest policies and regulations and its tendency. Distribution Chart of the Participants in CVCF ( 2009 ) Officials(Over Minister) Venture Capitalists(from China and 6% the world) 20% 18% Found Managers Senior Managers of Intermediary Organizations 9% Speaker Guest 24% 6% Experts and Scholars 6% 11% Entrepreneurs Medias 2. The bridge for cooperation and communication of international and domestic venture capital &private equity industry The China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum held by China was one international gathering with the most participants of international and domestic venture capital & private equity industry. It annually attracted hundreds of international and domestic first-class venture capital institutions delegates and was beneficial to the cooperation and communication of this industry and the combination of international experience and local conditions. 1
  2. 2. Number of Participants of CVCF (2004- 2009 ) 1800 1560 1600 1400 1240 1200 1000 1100 912 1000 677 800 600 400 200 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 3.The Platform for mach-making negotiation between Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists The match-making meeting was held each year in the form of road-show and exhibition. In order to effectively reduce the information and time cost of investment and financing parties, some international popular effective mach-making negotiation systems were brought in, such as "project road show," "project release" and "meeting negotiation" etc. Meanwhile, the China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum selected " creative enterprises of China with the biggest investment potentiality ",which they represents the most authoritative evaluation in China's venture capital& Private Equity field. 4. Senior speakers, encompassing political, economic and academia area More than 120 delegates including policy makers, famous investors, experts and scholars, senior managers from China and the world capital market, intermediary organization partners(such as accountants, lawyers and so on), and notable entrepreneurs delivered excellent speech. Distribution chart of speaker guests at the Forum in 2009 Government Officials Experts and Scholars Overseas Venture Capital Investors 7% 3% 8% 6% Famous Venture Capital Investors of 7% China Senior Managers of Domestic and Foreign Securities Markets 18% Intermediary Organization Parters(such as accountants lawyers and so on) 51% Delegates of Notable Entrepreneur 5. Extensive, deep, practical and hottest topic exploration 2
  3. 3. ◇ 15 sessions with extensive and deep topic exploration ◇ The subjects of speech covered the following annual hottest issues: LV、PE、VC、RMB Funds、 Government Guidance Funds、Investment Exit Strategy、Listing and Financing Techniques、 trend analysis of hot industry、development methods for enterprise、investment opportunities and skills in Inflation era and so on. ◇ The forum took the form of speech and interaction communication, explored the issue practically and deeply. 6. The related activities of forum were rich and various, and provided the most valuable Services for participants ◇ The training for China venture capital investors and entrepreneurs, and the teaching of venture capital and enterprise financing techniques. ◇ The match-making meeting realized close match-making of capital and project. ◇ The symposium about latest policies analysis of Chinese PE/VC and roundtable meeting about China venture capital development under new situation. ◇All kinds of networking breakfast, including LP and GP, Angel investors, GEM Listing, clean science and technology networking breakfast. Media Report for the Forum Over 100 well-known home and abroad media, and 200 journalists, including national, local, Hong Kong and overseas media: The national media included People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China News Service(CNS), Economic Daily, China Business Journal, China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities Journal, 21st Century Business Herald, CAINJING MAGAZINE, Securities Daily, securities Times, SINA, etc.,; the local media included Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, ND Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, South Daily, gzdaily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Economic Daily etc.; Hong Kong media included phoenixtv, hkcd, wen hui bao, takungpao,, Sing Pao Daily News, etc., and the overseas media included Interfax news agency, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Nihon ISI etc.. All these media made Omni-directional, multi-angle and deep coverage by interview, message, communication. Number of Medias for CVCF (2004- 2009 ) 250 217 200 178 168 159 150 124 100 48 50 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 3
  4. 4. Comments from the participants The Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum should be the combination of officials, industries and experts, should be the combination of home and abroad, should be the combination of theory and practice, and should have great domestic and foreign influence. Siwei, Cheng, Former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC The Forum is expected to reach four functions and objectives: Firstly, to provide the effective communication and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign venture capitalists; Secondly, to establish the communication bridge for figures of venture capital industry, policy makers and experts and scholars, promoting the further improvement of soft environment of China venture capital; thirdly, to provide important communication and cooperation channel for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, promoting the effective cooperation of investing and financing parties; fourthly, to promote the foreign communication and cooperation of venture capital and science & technology enterprises, promoting the cooperation and development of domestic and foreign venture capitals and creative enterprises. Xinghua, Li, chief of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Agency The China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum is originality that could foster the development of China Venture Capital, is the link that could reach consensus between government and this industry, is gathering that could communicate with foreign venture capitalists, and is the stage that could explore the trend of China Venture Capital. Guojie, He, Chairman of Guangdong Venture Capital Group Sincerely hope that The China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum could further enlarge international influence, and play more and more role in the strengthening communication, enhancing understanding, and promoting cooperation among domestic and foreign venture capitalists. And the global Venture Capital could cooperate and share the stable and high-speed economic growth of China. Haitao, Jin, Chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group I am very pleased to have the chance to communicate with so many entrepreneurs. I always think that the biggest difficulty of Venture Capital is: we couldn’t find out the proper partner, the partner couldn’t find out us. Therefore, the China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum is the excellent opportunity. Xu Xin, Founding Partner of Capital Today The financing of SME exist certain difficulties. It is an objective fact. ……For the SME ,more participation in such Forum, or more connection with intermediaries organizations, such as the China Venture Capital Research Institute, they could meet 100 investors, then could promote financing effectiveness greatly through intermediaries. Yuguang, Zeng, Managing Director of Baring Private Equity 4
  5. 5. Excellent forum, which gave a precise overlook on venture capital in China but also in the other countries, almost worldwide. The organization was also of the best quality. GAGNEPAIN Jean-Jacques Director, Technology Department, Ministry for Research France President of the French National Agency for Research I was most impressed with the size and the quality of the forum. I learned a lot about what is happening in the venture space in China. DAEMS Herman, Chairman of European Venture Capital Association Excellent Symposium. I look forward to continuing to participate in future CVCF’s. DOLL Dixon , Managing General Partner of DCM–Doll Capital In the long-run, a healthy venture capital industry is critical to spurring innovation and economic growth. Organizations such as the CVCF serve a critical role in this industry creation by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and service providers in a casual setting to share ideas and best practices. The 2005 Forum was an extremely well run, and well attended event and a must-see for anyone interested in the Chinese economy. I particularly thought the dual Chinese and English presentation and translation was a very nice touch. I think that several years from now, we will look back at events such as this one and will acknowledge that this was part of the foundation that continued the growth and success of the Chinese economy and people. LIU David Managing Director in Jefferies & Company Selected Sponsors 5