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Protecting Higher Education Data


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The proliferation of global network connectivity thanks to technological advances and a growing number of connected devices has had a number of positive impacts on today’s higher education institutions. From cloud services to the Internet of Things (IoT), students and faculty are now able to stay connected while outside the classroom or laboratories to improve learning and research.

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Protecting Higher Education Data

  1. 1. Visit to learn more about protecting your educational institution from today’s threats. Since 2005, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS have been the VICTIM OF BREACHES involving nearly 13 MILLION KNOWN RECORDS The average global cost per lost education record Today’s students spend 140+ HOURS A WEEK with their tech devices of students connect AT LEAST TWO DEVICES to the campus network at the same time of higher education students would like to use mobile technologies MORE OFTEN THAN THEY DO NOW of college students agree tablets WILL TRANSFORM THE WAY THEY LEARN IN THE FUTURE of higher education institutions now look to CLOUD OPTIONS FIRST when considering new investments 40% 72% 83% 63% 44ZETTABYTES Total amount of data in the world expected by 2020 01001010010101011010101101101100011001101010101101001001001001001 010001010110000001110100111001100000000TAX INFORMATION10010010100 TRANSCRIPTS AND GRADES10100101010000101010101000001101000010101001 10100011110001010101000001101010011010010101001010101110101100101000110 100DISCIPLINARY RECORDS1011111100101010100010100ADDRESSES0101001010 011111001010010101011010101101101100011001101010101101001001001001001 0100PASSPORT NUMBERS10000101001001010100VISA PERMIT NUMBERS101 01001010010101011010101101101100011001101010101101001001001001001 00111001SENSITIVE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH DATA010000100010010101010001001 01001010010101011010101101101100011001101010101101001001001001001 011SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS00100110101CREDIT CARD INFORMATION10101 01001010010101011010101101101100011001101010101101001001001001001000 01001010010101010010010DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBERS0110100100100100100101 $246 RANSOMWARE MALWARE SERVICE DENIAL PHISHING Information security is the TOP HIGHER EDUCATION IT ISSUE IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS WILL LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS THAT: • Reduce security complexity • Save IT resources and budget • Pass rigorous third-party tests 2017 17% $252BThe global education technology market is PREDICTED TO GROW PER YEAR BY 2020 TO Security challenges Student demand for technology innovation TOP DRIVERS THE "IT" FACTOR PROTECTING HIGHER EDUCATION DATA GOING DIGITAL DATA OVERLOAD WHAT’S AT RISK? LOSE DATA, LOSE MONEY COMBAT THE ATTACKS FORTINET UNDERSTANDS AND APPRECIATES the unique challenges educators face in delivering engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning opportunities to students while maintaining a high level of network security to protect data and meet compliance standards.