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Infographic Protecting Patient Data


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Learn the security risks of digital healthcare technology and how healthcare organizations can protect their patients’ data with Fortinet’s Security Fabric.

Published in: Healthcare
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Infographic Protecting Patient Data

  1. 1. PROTECTING PATIENT DATA IN TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY IS BOOMING WHAT’S AT RISK? PREVENTING BREACHES WITH CYBERSECURITY HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY BREACH TRENDS When hospitals and other healthcare organizations turn to the cloud and electronic health records, critical patient information is made available to cybercriminals One medical record number is worth up to A “Fullz” record (name, Social Security, credit card) can fetch 89% of breaches had a financial or espionage motive. Top attack types facing healthcare in 2016… Data breaches cost healthcare companies an average $355 per stolen record Healthcare cybersecurity market expected to be worth Healthcare organizations will seek support to: • Identify and assess risk • Protect against popular attacks such as malware, phishing and DDoS • Receive threat intelligence before attacks occur A Security Fabric is becoming a popular way to defend attacks of all shapes and sizes. It’s a collaborative ecosystem of security tools distributed across the network, from IoMT to the cloud, that work together as a seamless defense to enable healthcare organizations to deliver secure patient care. Visit to learn more about protecting your healthcare organization from today’s cybercriminals. AS OF 2015 87%of office-based physicians had adopted EHRs 78% reported use of a certified EHR Healthcare cloud computing IS EXPECTED TO BE WORTH BILLION by 2020 73% of industry professionals will use cloud to host patient empowerment tools $9.48 Healthcare IoT… Expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.1%through 2020 78% of patients want providers to have access to health data from wearables 10Xthe amount of a credit card number on the black market $14 to $25 on the black market Names Addresses Phone numbers Emergency contacts Social security numbers Credit card numbers Age Weight Medical history Medications Lab results 9 in 10 healthcare organizations EXPERIENCED A BREACH IN LAST TWO YEARS RANSOMWARE MALWARE DENIAL-OF-SERVICE PHISHING $10.85 BILLION BY 2022 NOC/SOC Cloud Partner API Access Client Advanced Threat Intelligence Application Network 27%are from the healthcare industry of breaches worldwide Connect on Twitter @FortinetHealth