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DHHS Findings - The alleged frying pan incident


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In 2011, Lori claimed Igor had hit Mila upside the head with a frying pan. This is DHHS's findings on that complaint.

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DHHS Findings - The alleged frying pan incident

  1. 1. Department of Health and Human Services I Child and Family Services Child and Family Services - 161 Marginal Way An Office of the # 11 State House Station Department of Health and Human Services Portland, Maine 04101 Tel: (207) 822-2231; Toll Free: 1-800-482-7520 Fax: (207) 822-2226; TTY: 1-888-720-1925Igor Malenko April 29,2011541 Preble StreetSouth Portland, ME 04106Dear Igor,As you were aware, Child Protective Services became reinvolved with your family due to areport with new allegations of child abuse and neglect. I was assigned to assess those concerns.The Department appreciates your cooperation during this process. I have spoken with numerouspeople including you, your attorney Michael Waxman, your daughter Mila Malenko, her motherLori Malenko and other collaterals involved. Along with gathering/recieving records pertinent tothis matter.The Department has made the following decision: In regards to the allegation of physical abuseto Mila by you, the Department finds the allegation unsubstantiated. There were no findings tosupport that you had hit Mila in the head with a pan or any other indications that you physicallyabuse her. Mila disclosed to two caseworkers in separate interviews when asked about this thatyou did not hit her nor hit her with a pan. She also said that her mother told her these thingsdespite you not having done this.At this time the Department will not be remaining involved with you and will be closing theassessment unsubstantiated. Your family is involved in family court and the Department ishopeful that things will be able to sorted out in the best interest for Mila.If you have any other questions you can reach me directly at 207-822-2264.SincerelyAlicia Cummings LSWChild Protective CaseworkerDepartment of Health and Human ServicesCc: Michael Waxman Esq. Caring ..Responsive ..Well-Managed ..We are DHHS.