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Gottardi family court 10

  1. 1. + Family Court ProceedingsSamantha Tobin
  2. 2. + Monmouth Vicinage Family Division Mission: to resolve disputes, assure the rights of litigants, act in the best interest of our children and accommodate the needs of the community to the best of our ability. Method Work closely to ensure that litigants are treated fairly and their cases are moved quickly and effectively through the system. Composition The Family Division Presiding Judge, the Family Division Manager, two Assistant Division Managers, eleven Team Leaders and support staff
  3. 3. + Dockets of the Family Court System  DOCKETS (legal actions to be heard by court):  Dissolution/Divorce  Non-Dissolution  Domestic Violence  Violations of Restraining Orders  Juvenile Delinquency  Abuse and Neglect  Termination of Parental Rights  Child Placement Review  Kinship Guardianship  Contested Adoptions  Family Crisis
  4. 4. + Custody Visitation/Parenting Time Spousal Support Divorce Separate Maintenance Child Support Domestic Violence Restraining Orders Kinship Guardianship SPECIF IC ISSUES
  5. 5. +  Child support services include:  locating the parent who has a responsibility to support their child  legally determining if a person is the biological parent of the child  obtaining an order for child support  collecting support payments  keeping accurate records of payments  enforcing the support order. What Is Child Support
  6. 6. + Income withholding Federal law requires child support payments to be automatically deducted from the non-custodial parent's paycheck. Non-custodial parent is the parent that the child does not permanently live with the employer sends a check to the child support agency Support Payment Laws in New Jersey
  7. 7. + Income Level Percentage with Both Parents Under $ 5,000 18.5 $ 5,000 - $ 9,999 17.4 $ 10,000 - $ 14,999 38.6 $ 15,000 - $ 24,999 51.8 $ 25,000 - $ 39,999 63.5 $ 40,000 - $ 49,999 83.9 $ 50,000 and over 91.6 Based on the data analyzed by Lauer and Lauer and the data presented by Marciano, we can compare the average amount of child support per week in New Jersey to the national income of duel-income families.
  8. 8. +Female-headed families are more likely to experience poverty than male-headed families. About half of the children living in poverty are in female-headed families. The courts favor the mother in terms of custodial rights and supporting the child, but it might be better to give the father equal rights, as this would benefit the livelihood of the child
  9. 9. + CHILD SUPPORT CASE •Courts are necessary to legally finalize terms of child support •Parents encouraged to agree on terms in an informal setting first •Better for child to absolve differences before hearing
  10. 10. Procedure •Schedule an appointment •Case is heard by a child support officer •Child support officer makes a recommendation to parents about details of the agreement •If both parties agree to terms set forth by officer, it immediately becomes legalized and is considered an order of the court •In this case, the parents did not agree with officers decision •Appeal •Scheduled an additional hearing with a judge for a later date •Was not available to meet that day