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Simplify How Litigants Access Legal Services


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See how a web-based interview system performs user screening and data sharing with other participating systems while making it accessible for even people with low-level literacy.

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Simplify How Litigants Access Legal Services

  1. 1. Simplify Access to Legal Services
  2. 2. About LEGAL AID OF NEBRASKA (LAN) is a non-profit law firm providing free civil legal services to low-income Nebraskans. Client
  3. 3. The Challenge - Knowing how to navigate a bureaucratic process is often hard for people Having a different first language may complicate document preparation It’s hard to know what to do even when facing simple legal situations LAN wanted make it easier for people ask for - and get - the help they need to resolve common legal issues. Overcoming the impediments to due process Complex Legal Process Language Barriers Ignorance of the Law
  4. 4. Approach Fingent proposed a web based interview system to perform user screening and data sharing with other participating systems. The interview system is readily adaptable by non-technical support staff to provide screening and information even to those with low literacy skills. Fingent’s
  5. 5. Major Features & Functionalities Identify legal problems based on answers to the questionnaire system Determine if litigants are eligible for free legal services Guide litigants quickly to free legal services and resources Helps to easily fill legal forms and import/export as pdf Directs litigants to legal services intake or away from intake depending on the case acceptance guidelines Identifies the problem Speeds intake process Determines eligibility Simplifies form filling Expedites legal guidance
  6. 6. Fingent Impact Eliminated manual data entry steps for case management Legal formalities are now easier to follow for litigants Data entry for case management is twice as fast Now staff has more time to spend on serious legal issues
  7. 7. Now LAN intake staff processes data 2 Times faster Litigants fill legal forms 5 Times faster and easier
  8. 8. Thank You We can help you do a lot more with technology. Let's talk and together create a technology roadmap for you. INFO@FINGENT.COM +1 (914) 615-9170 235 MAMARONECK AVENUE, SUITE 301, WHITE PLAINS, NY 10605 WWW.FINGENT.COM