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  1. 1. If you will be traveling for business or pleasure thenyou will probably have to fly out of the airport. Taking a limo to OHare is a great option for those who will be flying out of OHare airport. The airport does offer overnight and even extended parking but there are some disadvantages to this which make it a less than perfect option. Its expensive; usually costing around$20 a day and it is an inconvenience. There is also thefact that leaving a car in a parking lot for several nights can be dangerous because it increases the odds of someone vandalizing your car.parkinggames
  2. 2. There are several major benefits to taking a limo to OHare airport Thebiggest benefit is without a parkinggames doubt the cost Most of the overnightor extended stay parking lots around OHare as stated earlier cost $20 or moreper day A limo ride in the Chicago area will run around $75 to $125 an hour
  3. 3. So for about the cost of 4 days in a parking lot you can have a limo pick youup at your house and take you directly to the airport and drop you off They willeven load your bags for you and unload them at the airport making the entiretask that much easier Taking a limo to OHare also eliminates anotherinconvenience of overnight parking The overnight parking lots which are closeto OHare are quite expensive
  4. 4. Most of these charge around $60 a night To get an affordable price you haveto use one of the parking lots which are about 3 miles away from the airportThis means that you also have to take a shuttle or bus from the parking area tothe airport which adds extra time and more inconvenience since you also haveto take carry of your bags Another big advantage to taking a limo to OHare isthe safety factor
  5. 5. The overnight parking lots do have cameras and even a guard but they arealso quite large Its not uncommon at all for vehicles to be vandalized in theseovernight parking areas By taking a limo you prevent the need of parking yourcar in one of these overnight parking lots Instead the limo will pick you updirectly from your house and then drop you off at the appropriate gate at theairport
  6. 6. The best part is even with this added safety and comfort level it is not going tocost you much more than if you park your car in the airport The mostimportant step to taking a limo to OHare is finding a good limo companyThere are some disreputable companies but most of the limo companies arevery good The major differences are the types of limos they use, the pricesthey offer and the amenities they offer
  7. 7. Amenities range from a basic limo up to a limo with a television and a mini bar Prices range from around $75 an hour up to $125 an hour Researching thecompanies first will help to determine which companies best suit your needand budget
  8. 8. Taking a limo to OHare is truly a great option It offers a lot of benefits overovernight parking including the fact that you are picked up and dropped offdirectly at the airport It is only marginally more expensive than parkingovernight and possibly less expensive if you will be gone for several days
  9. 9. It is significantly safer than overnight parking It is also a lot more convenientthan overnight parking since you dont have to take a shuttle from the parkingarea to the actual airport
  10. 10. parkinggames