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Baseball presentation 7 19-12


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This is the Power Point I have done on the sport of Baseball. I completed this Power Point Presentation for Technology and the Educator through Southern Adventist University.

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Baseball presentation 7 19-12

  1. 1. Baseball Trivia 2012!An instructional Module developed by Ryan Heilman Start
  2. 2. I have chosen to do my Power Point presentationon baseball. I hope that you learn a few thingsabout the sport and enjoy the incredible world ofPower Point along the way! Baseball is a sportthat can be played by people of all ages. You willhave the opportunity to prove your knowledgewith the self test at the end! There are 4 sectionsincluding hitting, fielding, pitching and base running.At the conclusion of these sections, there is a 4question quiz to test your mental capacity! Menu
  3. 3. MenuPrevious
  4. 4. Hitting: Initiate the swing Square stance Middle Knuckles aligned Knees bent Hands back, back elbow up Focus on ball Step with front foot, point toes toward second baseman Initiate hip turn Lead swing with front elbow Menu Next
  5. 5. Hitting: Contact point Keep the hips square Extend the arms Your front leg should be straight Keep the back leg bent Your weight should be centered over your back knee Focus on the baseball Roll your wrists over at contactPrevious Menu Next
  6. 6. Hitting: Completing the Swing Center your weight at the completion of the swing Swing completely through the ball Keep your hips square Your hands should wrap around your shoulder Keep your chin on your shoulderPrevious Menu Next
  7. 7. 900 800 700 600 500 Blue Jays 400 Athletics 300 Orioles 200 100 0 Home RBI Walks Stolen Runs BasesPrevious Menu
  8. 8. Fielding Ground Balls- Preparation andExecutionStagger your stride with your knees bentand the weight on the balls of your feetKeep your back flat and focus on the ballKeep your hands low and your glove opento the ballMeet the ball out in front with two handsand watch the ball to gloveKeep throwing hand on the ball Menu Next
  9. 9. Fielding Ground Balls- follow Through Fielder should shift his weight back Keep the glove side to the target Bring the ball to an overhand throwing position Position the glove side elbow to the intended targetPrevious Menu Next
  10. 10. Fielding Fly Balls- preparation andexecution Stagger your stride with the glove side foot in front Knees bent and focused on the ball Hands chest high as you watch the baseball into your glove Meet the baseball high out in front with two hands Use the two finger gripPrevious Menu Next
  11. 11. Fielding Fly Balls- follow through Make sure to shift the weight onto the throwing side foot Glove side toward the target Bring the baseball to a throwing position Keep glove elbow toward the targetPrevious Menu Next
  12. 12. 2009 2010 2011 New York Texas Texas Yankees Rangers Rangers San Philadelphia St. Louis Francisco Phillies Cardinals Giants2009-2011 World Series FoesPrevious Menu
  13. 13. Pitching- Preparation andExecution Stagger your stride with your foot on the rubber and weight on back foot Ball held up in front with a three finger grip Face the batter and come to a stop Shift weight to pivot foot with arm down Step toward batter Arm swings forward with finger under and behind ball prior to release Menu Next
  14. 14. Pitching- Follow Through Step forward with your pivot foot Keep your hand above your head with your knees bent Hands at ready position while watching for the ballPrevious Menu
  15. 15. Base running- Preparation andExecutionTake your first step with your back footGet to foul territory as you acceleratequicklyGet to top speed before you reach 1 stbaseLook to base coach before basesRun at top speed in foul groundDon’t break stride as you focus on thebaseContact the front corner of the base Menu Next
  16. 16. Base running- Follow through Keep your knees bent as you take short steps Lean back and stop Make a turn to your left Head directly back to 1st basePrevious Menu Next
  17. 17. 2002- 2011 MLB Division WinnersDivision 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011sAL East Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Red Sox Rays Yankees Rays YankeesAL Twins Twins Twins White Twins Indians White Twins Twins TigersCentral Sox SoxAL West Athleti Athleti Angels Angels Athleti Angels Angels Angels Rangers Rangers cs cs csNL East Braves Braves Braves Braves Mets Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies PhilliesNL Cardina Cubs Cardina Cardina Cardina Cubs Cubs Cardina Reds BrevewCentral ls ls ls ls ls ersNL West Diamond Giants Dodgers Padres Padres Diamond Dodgers Dodgers Giants Diamond backs backs backs Previous Menu
  18. 18. Quiz Time!In the quizsection, you have achance to proveyour knowledgeabout baseball! Youcan try eachquestion untilperfection. Havefun! Menu Begin
  19. 19. Which of the following is not a key element in hitting?A. Bend your kneesB. Focus on the baseballC. Stand on the plate while waiting for the balld. Keep the back elbow up higher than the front elbowQuestion 1
  20. 20. Item 1 Correct! Next Question
  21. 21. Item 1 Incorrect… Try Again
  22. 22. Which of the following is not demonstrating correct form when fielding a baseball?A. Keep your eye on the ballB. Watch the ball with two handsC. Look away to say hi to a fanD. Be in position to throw to the proper base after the catchQuestion 2
  23. 23. Item 2 Correct! Next Question
  24. 24. Item 2 Incorrect… Try Again
  25. 25. What is a good pitcher likely to do?A. Self destruct when he gets nervousB. Always stay positiveC. Keep at least zero feet on the pitchers rubber before pitchingthe baseballD. Be a better hitter than pitcherQuestion 3
  26. 26. Item 3 Correct! Next Slide
  27. 27. Item 3 Incorrect… Try Again
  28. 28. Which of the following is not a good idea when running to 1st base?A. Run in fair territory towards the baseB. Overrun 1st base and turn to the left if you are not attemptingto advanceC. Run in foul territory towards 1st baseD. Pay attention to the 1st base coachQuestion 4
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  31. 31. External Resources is the official web site of Major is the official site of Canada’s only team is the officialsite of the Oakland AthleticsThis gives you the link to Major League Baseball, and the link to thetwo teams that happened to be playing in the clip art picture that Iused in my background in the first few slides, the Blue Jays and theAthletics. Menu Next
  32. 32. Congratulations! End Show