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FasterCapital Company Presentation 2018


Published on | | UAE Landline: +971 4 2775828 | UAE Mobile: +971 5558 55663 | USA: (512) 400-025

FasterCapital is a new type of incubator. The founders remarked that there are several weaknesses in incubators worldwide. These weaknesses are leaving an important segment of entrepreneurs with no help. It is also affecting the success rate of startups as many don't raise enough money at the right time which is a major cause for failure.

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FasterCapital Company Presentation 2018

  1. 1. FasterCapital Company Presentation 2 VISION Help entrepreneurs on a co-funding and co-founding basis to create quickly their new internet startups.
  2. 2. FasterCapital Company Presentation 3 VISION We envision a world in which no start-up should be left behind simply because of the lack of access to funding, mentorship and access to vital connections. We strive our very best to find, help and empower the next generation of value-driven and far-reaching start-ups and provide a one-stop solution to all the tech-based start-ups, irrespective of wherever they are.
  3. 3. FasterCapital Company Presentation 4 MISSION Support entrepreneurs in building their ideas from conception stage to product stage. The incubator becomes a cofounder and cofunder of the new startup. The incubator will help in improving on the concept, validating the business plan, defining the MVP (minimum viable product) and MVM (minimum viable market), development of the product (web, backend service and possibly mobile), sales/marketing/PR help, mentorship and raising capital.
  4. 4. FasterCapital Company Presentation 5 FasterCapital in numbers 20 Graduated Startups 2 Incubated Startups 210 Accelerated Startups $10.2m Invested in incubation 142 Regional Partners 510 Entrepreneurs
  5. 5. FasterCapital Company Presentation 6 20142012 20132011 History We’re Growing Fast!!! o Establish the incubator as NextStep System o Started with: Dooet, Mobayle, Meody o Invested $581k so far o Incubated: abcMob, EduNoor, LetusCloud, BazarMaker, SavMe, Tvlize, MobAdv o Invested $2.6m so far o Incubated: BeamGift, ME2TV, Meetingg, FulHost, PutTag o Further rounds in: Meody, Mobayle, EduNoor, Tvlize, Dooet o Invested $4.4m so far o Incubated: PickTaxi o Further rounds in: Meody, Mobayle, EduNoor, Dooet o Invested $5.9m so far
  6. 6. FasterCapital Company Presentation 7 20182016 20172015 History We’re Growing Fast!!! o Changed the name to: FasterCapital o New HQ: Dubai, UAE o Added 67 regional partners o Opened 42 branches worldwide o Six round of funding o Attracted more than 10,000 startups o 18 startups in incubation program o 173 startups accepted into acceleration program o 442 Entrepreneurs are now with the incubator o Regional partners number increased to 117 o Worldwide branches increased to 78 o Four rounds of funding for acceleration program o Attracted more than 5,000 startups o 10 new startup in incubation program o 500 Entrepreneurs are now with the incubator o Regional partners number increased to 134 o 75 Mentors with 50 investors join our team o Four rounds of funding and lot of new ideas and innovation.
  7. 7. FasterCapital Company Presentation 8 Incubation is a huge business Between 7000-15,000 incubators worldwide Most are following almost the same model Recruit fresh graduate students from top universities 1 Current Market Status 2 3 4
  8. 8. FasterCapital Company Presentation 9 Incubators give $25k,$50k or even $100k in exchange of small equity Fresh graduate students have no working experience and thus they won't build solutions for enterprises. They tend to build technologies rather than products The current process is suitable to build companies such as Instagram, twitter and facebook. 5 Current Market Status 6 7 8
  9. 9. FasterCapital Company Presentation 10 Challenges facing Incubation Non-technical entrepreneurs have to bring a technical cofounders 1 Eco-system is too much focused on massive consumer products such as Twitter, Facebook 2
  10. 10. FasterCapital Company Presentation 11 Challenges facing Incubation Few are building startups to service other enterprises 3 A non-technical entrepreneur is required to bring a cofounder to be accepted in incubators 4
  11. 11. FasterCapital Company Presentation 12 Options for Non-technical entrepreneur Outsource the startup Find a tech cofounder Recruit a team Best Solution is FasterCapital
  12. 12. FasterCapital Company Presentation 13 Outsource the startup Lean methodology can’t be applied. As this needs multiple iterations and there’s no clear specification Someone might steal the idea Outsourcing company might be busy with other things DISADVANTAGES
  13. 13. FasterCapital Company Presentation 14 Options for Non-technical entrepreneur Outsource the startup Find a tech cofounder Recruit a team Best Solution is FasterCapital
  14. 14. FasterCapital Company Presentation 15 Find a tech cofounder Each startup needs different platforms to be covered (web, mobile) Each startup requires different skillset (social, datamining, analysis, reporting, knowledge of different programming languages) THUS CHALLENGES
  15. 15. FasterCapital Company Presentation 16 Find a tech cofounder Unless the project is very small then one technical person can't cover all the technologies/skills required in a startup Technical cofounder don't always have the same entrepreneurship spirit DISADVANTAGES
  16. 16. FasterCapital Company Presentation 17 Options for Non-technical entrepreneur Outsource the startup Find a tech cofounder Recruit a team Best Solution is FasterCapital
  17. 17. FasterCapital Company Presentation 18 Recruit a team Non-Technical people can easily be misled with CVs They don't know the right skills needed to develop a product They will get easily lost with too much focus on technical details CHALLENGES
  18. 18. FasterCapital Company Presentation 19 Recruit a team Managing a technical team requires technical knowledge Entrepreneur has to keep paying those developers even when there are no further updates just to keep them when new request comes DISADVANTAGES
  19. 19. FasterCapital Company Presentation 20 Options for Non-technical entrepreneur Outsource the startup Find a tech cofounder Recruit a team Best Solution is FasterCapital
  20. 20. FasterCapital Company Presentation 21 Best Solution is FasterCapital FasterCapital is a one stop shop offering Pricing Goto market modeling Sales Channel development Networking Sales/marketing Revenue generation Project Management Business validation Raising capital Mentorship ONCE THE PRODUCT IS DONE
  21. 21. FasterCapital Company Presentation 22 Co-Founding & Co-Funding basis
  22. 22. FasterCapital Company Presentation 23 CO-FOUNDING BASIS as an incubator we become your co-founder in helping improving the idea and refining it. We develop the product as a technical co-founder. CO-FUNDING BASIS We will invest in the startup from idea stage. We will invest cash money into product development covering anywhere between 25%-75% of it (per equity work). We invest between usd 50k - usd 1M per startup 1 2
  23. 23. FasterCapital Company Presentation 24 OTHER THINGS WE PROVIDE
  24. 24. FasterCapital Company Presentation 25 Mentors in different industries Experts in different domains (stealth- mentors)
  25. 25. FasterCapital Company Presentation 26 HOW DOES IT WORK?
  26. 26. FasterCapital Company Presentation 27 How does it work? Entrepreneur submit the mini business plan to us We review and evaluate We do a personality test to the founder(s) and make sure there's good synergy We validate the idea and discuss business prospect with entrepreneurs We discuss time, investment needed and equity distribution
  27. 27. Development
  28. 28. FasterCapital Company Presentation 29 1 We follow lean methodology We define product feature and wireframes with entrepreneurs 3 We define a superset of all features of the product 4 We group those into subsets matching each version 5 We decide on a timeline for development with milestones (alpha, beta, v1) releases 2
  29. 29. FasterCapital Company Presentation 30 FasterCapital’s Obligation Validating the idea and monetization strategy Improving on the idea by adding features or exploring new markets Assessing startup development cost and timeline Provide mentorship and other resources
  30. 30. FasterCapital Company Presentation 31 FasterCapital’s Obligation Developing product according to international standards Deploy the product online or on the appstores Connect Entrepreneurs with Angel investors and VCs
  31. 31. FasterCapital Company Presentation 32 Entrepreneur’s Obligation Prepare a business plan about the product (FasterCapital will help & check) Prepare financial operating model (FasterCapital can help) Use his contacts and knowledge to find the best opportunities Follow up with development team to ensure proper project progress
  32. 32. FasterCapital Company Presentation 33 Entrepreneur’s Obligation Reach out to clients and customers while product is in Alpha Sales and Marketing effort for the product Devise Sales & marketing plan
  33. 33. FasterCapital Company Presentation 34 Testimonial from Entrepreneurs FC has helped a lot in refining the idea and enabling me to see segments of the market I overlooked Mark Deepak While analyzing the idea of my new startup; FC was able to point several problems in our approach and made great suggestions for improvement Jonas Latner
  34. 34. FasterCapital Company Presentation 35 Testimonial from Entrepreneurs FC helped us connect with a potential investor and along with their investment, we were able to kick off the project Martin Simons FC development team has done a great job. They are professional, savvy with many different technologies, organized and agile. They have good tracking of bugs and ability to implement features quickly allowed for our product to succeed! Paul Mulligan
  35. 35. FasterCapital Company Presentation 36 Testimonial from Entrepreneurs Partnering with "FasterCapital" was the best business decision we've ever made, it helped transferring a Eureka moment from an idea into a fully developed tangible product, saving us countless hours of R&D and a heap of cash. Anas Helali R&D Entablet It was a great journey with FC that was both enriching and rewarding on many different levels. Being able to sit down with a professional team who analyze requirements carefully and build a technically advanced product was an enjoyable and amazing experience Hadi Bahbouh
  36. 36. FasterCapital Company Presentation 37 Testimonial from Entrepreneurs We had a big dream and it is really quit thrilling to see it come to existence Larry Bell I am happy to see new competitors on daily basis knowing that we have done it the _best_ way. Thanks FC team for your ideas and work, we will become #1 Amie Gurd
  37. 37. FasterCapital Company Presentation 38 Testimonial from Entrepreneurs It is usually hard to sell someone your dream or vision but with FC things seemed like a shared dream and a shared vision that grew together to find interesting opportunities. It was a fun way to explore things and a great mental experience. Amer Jundi FC helped us define new monetization model and product features that were easy to implement but had great impact on the company's vision/mission Fred Grattan
  38. 38. FasterCapital Company Presentation 39 Testimonial from Entrepreneurs FC's relentless efforts in not just funding tech startups like but also ensuring its success; by continuously being involved in the growth process is one of the many reasons I've insisted to be on this entrepreneurial journey with FasterCapital! Gerald Okonkwo CEO - ifixing FC's vision is hardly found in other programs. Since we have been accepted, the FasterCapital team has been wonderful and provided us with excellent feedback and advice. Mohamed Jaidane CTO - Sciencia
  39. 39. FasterCapital Company Presentation 40 Success Stories - Meody  The team was assembled back in Aug/2010.  First HTML version was finished by Dec/2010 then first iOS and Android versions were ready by May/2011.  Our first client has signed in Aug/2011.  By May/2014 we have 20 clients who have signed with us! The list keeps on growing. Ayman Bahbouh Fred Grattan
  40. 40. FasterCapital Company Presentation 41 Success Stories - Mobayle  We started in May/2011 and we quickly were able to launch a service in Sep/2011.  By Jun/2012 (one year from launch) we had 10 deals done and ability to expand sales team. We have created new sub-appstores for kids, teens, women and elderly. Gary Colan
  41. 41. FasterCapital Company Presentation 42 Success Stories - Dooet  We are the only search engine to detect and index mobile content (games, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, videos..etc) on all websites.  Our engine was able to automatically discover and index more than 45 million products.  We have added lot of social search features plus opinion mining on the appstore products. Dipak Joshi
  42. 42. FasterCapital Company Presentation 43 Success Stories - EduNoor  We finished our first version in Aug/2012.  That didn't stop us from innovation.  We created four different solutions for tele-education each suitable to a different environment and using different technologies.  We added social aspect also to the solution while students are searching for new teachers.  Our multinational sales allowed us to reach different markets and many new prospects Jonas Latner
  43. 43. FasterCapital Company Presentation 44 Success Stories - Nakkeb  The first and only company in the Gulf region offering professional search solutions in English, Arabic and other languages.  Solutions such as VSearch and ESearch proved to be instrumental for the progress of these companies Amer Jundi
  44. 44. FasterCapital Company Presentation 45 Success Stories - TVlize  Our goal is to change the way people interact with TV from lean backward to lean forward experience.  We allowed real-time comments and tags on the show.  Our solutions appeal to viewers and broadcasters allowing both to get what is missing from the TV experience. Ali Ahmad
  45. 45. FasterCapital Company Presentation 46 Success Stories - LetusCLoud  Established to accomplish a dream and make virtualization easy for everybody.  Nubes(TM) from LetUsCloud allows users to create virtual networks on the cloud in a way as easy as drawing flowcharts in Visio! Hadi Bahbouh Philip McNeal
  46. 46. FasterCapital Company Presentation 47 Reach Us US Landline: (512) 400-0256 UAE Mobile: +971 5558 55663 UAE Landline: +971 4 2775828 8th floor, Office 807 A, Tower A, Business Central Towers, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates