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  1. 1. Photosynthesis Grade 4 Science SOL 4.4
  2. 2. What is photosynthesis? • Process plants use to make their own food • Plants’ leaves contain chlorophyll • Chlorophyll (green color) makes photosynthesis possible
  3. 3. The chlorophyll absorbs the sunlight.
  4. 4. The sunlight is combined with water, Carbon Dioxide and nutrients from the soil. CO2
  5. 5. The chlorophyll processes the ingredients and makes sugarsugar (plant food) and oxygen. SugarSugar + Air O2
  6. 6. Plants and animals need each other to survive.
  7. 7. Animals including humans make the CO2 (carbon dioxide) plants need. They (the plants) make the O2 (oxygen) and food we need.