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EXO - Beyond Organic PowerPoint

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Beta Casein• Beta Casein A1 vs A2 – BCM 7 is an amino acid linked to negative health effects (Diabetes, autism, heart disease, impaired immune system) – Proline is an amino acid in A2 cows and has a strong hold on BCM 7 preventing it from entering the milk – In A1 cows Proline has mutated into an amino acid called Histidine which has a weak hold on BCM 7 allowing it to enter the milk – All Beyond Organic Cows are A2 Certified
  2. 2. Beta Casein A1 A2 Cows Cows ProlineHistidin e BCM 7 All Beyond Organic Cows are A2 Certified!
  3. 3. Beyond Organic Nutrition• CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Huge Cancer Fighter in initiation, promotion & metastasis – Proven very effective in weight management. Lose fat while increasing muscle – Proven to help belly firmness! – 500% more in green fed beef than grain fed beef – Natural form versus synthetic form – Meats, cheeses, Amasai, Suero Viv
  4. 4. Beyond Organic Nutrition• Omega 3 Fatty Acids – We need the good fats to function like a car needs oil to run – Virtually our only source is wild caught fish – Diet need a balance of Omega 6 (inflammatory) & Omega 3 (ANTI Inflamatory) – Most of the meat we eat has a 1 to 20 ratio – Beyond Organic meat has a 1 to 2 ratio – Meats, cheeses, Amasai, Suero Viv, chocolate
  5. 5. Beyond Organic Nutrition• Probiotics – The Good bacteria that form a barrier in the gut – Antibiotics in our food and medicine kill both the bad and good bacteria in our stomach – Our only way to replenish this good “flora” is thru supplements which have at the most 7 strands of probiotics – Beyond Organic food has 30 natural strands of probiotics – Chocolate, Amasai, Suero Viv
  6. 6. Beyond Organic Nutrition• Antioxidants – Vitamin C & E – All Beyond Organic Products are full of• Electrolytes – Electrolyte drinks containing sodium and potassium salts replenish the body’s water and electrolyte levels after dehydration
  7. 7. H2O• Water – Water is “Alive” and is essential for bringing nutrients to the cells & carries toxins out of the body – 25% of bottled water is tap water. There are 316 chemicals found in tap water – Spring water is shaped by the path it follows – TDS Test measures the milligrams per liter of inorganic minerals in the water – Water on store shelves measure 18-247 after being purified or filtered – Beyond Organic Water has a TDS rating of 4!
  8. 8. Cultured Whey Healing Water for the Past 24 Centuries!• Discovered by Little Miss Muffet. Here’s why we should all follow her lead – Originally prescribed by Hippocrates, the father of medicine – Since that time, more than 2400 years ago, whey has continuously been recognized (and scientifically confirmed) as The Healing Water. – Contrary to most other remedies that act only on a single organ or bodily function, whey works in multiple fashions throughout the body. Modern Science has confirmed what ancients believed about it. It’s virtues are unanimous
  9. 9. Cultured Whey– 4 main benefits1. Whey stimulates intestinal peristalsis (a gentle cure and prevention of constipation)2. Whey regenerates intestinal flora (restoring normal digestive function)3. Whey eliminates excess water retention (reducing tissue swelling that causes high blood pressure, blood or lymphatic stasis, and organ congestion)4. Whey stimulates toxin elimination by the kidneys (by cleaning out the renal filter)
  10. 10. Cultured Whey• These healing properties are proven to help:Bladder Infections Gout High Cholesterol ConstipationIntestinal Laziness Diabetes Fatigue Gas and BloatingBrain Congestion Hemorrhoids High Blood Pressure IndigestionJoint Disease Kidney Disease Kidney Stones Liver DiseaseMuscle Cramps Skin Disorders Water Retention Weight Loss Whole food cultured whey beverages are packed with electrolytes, minerals, probiotics and B vitamins. Detox & Improve Digestion & Hydration!
  11. 11. Power Wave An economic situation whereseveral key factors come together at a specific time to create an unprecedented opportunity
  12. 12. Power Wave – Key Factor #1 1) Current Sad State of American Health• America is the Sickest Industrialized nation in the World• Over 1 in 3 Americans is Obese• 1 out of 2 men will get cancer. 1 in 3 women• 4 out of 5 people die of heart disease or cancer
  13. 13. Power Wave – Key Factor #2 2) We live in the Information Age• We are an unhealthy nation and we KNOW IT• 87% of the world population has a mobile subscription• We sent 8 trillion text messages in 2011• We send 340 million tweets per day• There are currently over 800 million active Facebook users• We collect the same amount of data every 2 ½ days as it took us all of history up until 2003 to collectSummary: Americans know that the food we eat is hurting us and they want a change
  14. 14. Power Wave – Key Factor #3 3) The Organic Food Industry is Approaching Critical Mass• In the last 20 years the organic food industry grew from a $1 billion market to a $27 billion market. Source: Organic Trade Association• Organic food and beverage sales represented approximately 4 percent of overall food and beverage sales in 2010. Source: Organic Trade Association• Organic foods are the fastest growing and most profitable segment of American agriculture. Source: Consumers Association• Total U.S. Organic Sales are currently growing at a rate of almost 10% per year. Source: Organic Trade Association• The majority of people in every income range said they would prefer to eat organic food if given the choice. Source: the new Thomason Reuters–NPR health poll
  15. 15. Critical Mass • Market levels off • Usually declines Maturity/Decline= 90% without proper leaders or a rebirth Critical Mass = 10% - 90% Fortunes are • Market Catches made during • Very Fast Growth • Everyone wants it & has to “Critical Mass” have it • Slow growth • ProblemsInception = 0% - 10% market penetration • Market will never catch if it doesn’t gain 10% market penetration
  16. 16. Power Wave – Key Factor #4 4) E-Commerce is Approaching Critical Mass• Internet sales increase every year as a percentage of our gross domestic product• Internet Sales in 2011 made up just over 5% of all sales
  17. 17. Power Wave – Key Factor #5 5) American’s aren’t making it financially• America is the largest in debt nation in the world. Our debt is equal to our economy. (the value of our debt is equal to the value of all goods and services)• The national debt is growing at a 6% annual pace while our GDP is closer to 2%• Outstanding credit jumped $68.5 billion from Sept 2011 – January 2012 (5 months)• The average family today has 2 incomes but less disposable income than a 1 income family in 1973• Less than 5% of Americans make it to age 65 with more than $35k in annual income• When social security was created there were 34 people working for every 1 person collecting social security. Today that is a 1:2 ratio.Summary: Americans need a way to create additional income & tax benefits
  18. 18. 5 Levels of Achievement Business Builder $199.95 1. Manager (1,000 TTP in a month)2. Vice President (4,000 TTP in a month) 3. Senior Vice President 4. Executive Vice President 5. Global Vice President
  19. 19. The Path to Vice PresidentMonth 1 Following the 2/150 plan YOU 150 PPV E-1 E-1 150 PPV 150 PPV 450 TTP = $230 in Bonuses and Commissions
  20. 20. The Path to Vice PresidentMonth 2 YOU 150 PPVManager E1 E1 E1 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV E1 E2 E2 E2 E2 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 1,350 TTP = $450 in Bonuses and Commissions
  21. 21. Month 3 YOU 150 PPVVice President E2 E1 E2 E1 E2 E1 E2 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV E1 E2 E2 E1 E2 E2 E1 E2 E2 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV E2 E2 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 150 PPV 4,050 TTP = Over $1,000 in Bonuses and Commissions + $200 Healthy Living Account Card
  22. 22. Beyond Vise President Following the 2/150 planMonth 5 = Executive Vice President $100,000+/year + $600 a month Healthy Living Account Month 7 = Global Vice President $250,000+/year + $800 a month Healthy Living Account