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Join Vemma MLM Company and make your health and also earn more money.
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Vemma4 india ppt

  1. 1. R TM
  2. 2. Vemma Nutritional Company! President (CEO) - BK Boreyko -
  3. 3.  Corporate Office : 8322 East Hartford Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85255 E – mail : Tel - Fax : 1-800-577-0777 Since 2004 … 20+ years of experience… Global business over 58 countries & growing …
  4. 4. History• Parent co. “New vision International” estd. 1995• Vemma launched in Nov 2004• Global presence in 58+ countries & growing• Turnover of ($2.2 Billion) Rs 110,000,000,000/-• Co. based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA• The Co. is totally debt free• Vibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D Chief Scientific Officer
  5. 5. Vemma Vitamins (India) Pvt. Ltd. Office Address Address : A-106, Kailas Industrial Complex Park Site, Vikhroli (West), Mumbai – 400 079, (India). Tel. No. : +91-22-42729300 +91-22-42729301 Fax No. : +91-22-42729308 CEO-(India) Web : Kalpna Mehta E-mail : vemma4india
  6. 6. LegalDocuments
  7. 7. Do you usually feel stress out & exhausted everyday?• Which leads to;• Sickness & diseases
  8. 8. Causes of Diseases & Stress:• Environment• Diet• Life Style Free Radicals, Lack of Oxygen, Acidic Body and Unbalance Diet
  9. 9.  Worldwide every 10 seconds, a cancer fatality 1 out of 5 people will die of cancer in the world 8,00,000 New Cancer Patients Annually in India 140 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes India is the diabetic capital of the world Over 7, 94,00,000 Diabetes patients will be from India by 2010 91 People die of cardiac problems in India every hour 1/3rd of the deaths in India would be due to Heart Problems, by 2015 Half of the heart patients in the world will be from India by 2020 Over 400 million people worldwide live with crippling, chronic pain of joint diseases, osteoporosis, spine disorders.
  10. 10. Cells Healthy - Body HealthyCells Unhealthy - Body UnhealthyCells Age - Body AgeCells Dead - Body dead
  11. 11. R TMThe foundation of Vemma’s success lies firmlyin the result achieved from our clinicallystudied, single formula product-line. At thecompany’s core is our mission to help othersby enhanancing their well-being and secondly,by offering an income stream to people whointroduce others to a product line they believein.
  12. 12. V itamins ssentialM ineralsM angosteenA Loe Vera
  13. 13. RA complete daily liquid supplement,Vemma’s 90- plus nutrients nourish thebody at the cellular level to help protect anddefend against everyday . Vemma comes intwo 32-oz. bottles, a 30-day supply ofoptimal nutrition for one person
  14. 14. VITAMINS Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D2 Vitamin E Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B9 Vitamin B12 Vitamin B7 Vitamin B5
  15. 15. Essential MineralsOver 65 major, trace, and ultra-trace,plant-sourced minerals in the Vemmaformula including: Carbon (organic),Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Sulfur,Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Iron, andmany more!
  16. 16. RVemma THIRST More Than A Sports Drink If maintaining a peak performance level AND your health are important to you, then you will need the hydration from Vemma THIRST! Once activated with water, Vemma THIRST: nourishes by delivering an ultra-premium supply of vitamins and plant-sourced minerals.* protects against cellular damage with antioxidant-rich Vemma nutrition formula.* supports recovery by supplying key, protein-building amino acids.* replenishes electrolyte levels.* sustains energy with specialized carbohydrates for active lifestyles.*
  17. 17. ALOE VERAResearch has shown the bioavailability of vitamin E & C isincreased when consumed with aloe. Supports healthyimmune function and has antioxidant benefits to supportoverall wellness. Used for centuries by traditional healersKnown to support skin health and healthy digestion. Eachdose of Vemma contains 33% aloe Vera.
  18. 18.  Green tea is used to improve mental alertness and thinking. It is also used for weight loss and to treat stomach disorders , vomiting , diarrhea , Headaches , bone loss (osteoporosis),and solid tumor cancers. Green tea is also used for Cohns disease, Parkinson’s disease, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes low blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), dental cavities (caries), kidney stone and skin damage. Green teas antioxidants, called catechins, scavenge for free radicals that can damage DNA and contribute to cancer, blood clots, and atherosclerosis.
  19. 19. MANGOSTEEN• Known as the “Superfruit”.• It has appealing taste, fragrance and visual qualities.• It is very rich in phytonutrients called Xanthones.• It has tremendous antioxidant properties.• It has a potential impact on lowering risk against diseases.
  20. 20. MANGOSTEEN• National fruit of Thailand• Grows abundantly in south-east Asia• Used for centuries in Ayurvedic , Chinese & Folk Medicine• Richest source of XANTHONES, with over 43 discovered …• The Most Nutrient Dense Food On The Planet• Completely unknown to Western World, until now… The Most Nutrient Dense Food On The Planet!
  21. 21. 18 PROVEN BENEFITS OF XANTHONES1.)Anti-fatigue YOU CAN FEEL2.) Anti-obesity3.) Anti-depression4.) Anti-anxiety5.) Anti-Alzheimer’s6.) Anti-arthritis7.) Anti-periodontic (gum disease)8.) Anti-allergenic9.) Anti-seborrheic (skin disease)10.) Anti-pyretic (anti-fever)11.) Anti-Parkinsonism12.) Anti-diarrhea13.) Anti-neuralgia (nerve pain)14.) Anti-vertigo (dizziness)15.) Anti-glaucoma Percarp have more Xanthones16.) Anti-pain (for example, dental pain)17.) Anti-inflammatory18.) Anti-ulcer
  22. 22. INFLAMMATION & OXIDATION The Silent Killer- The Fatal Five
  23. 23. INFLAMMATION & OXIDATION(free radical damage) is a central component of…• CANCER – increases the spread of abnormal cells & facilitates their transformation into cancer cells• Heart Disease- destabilizes cholesterol deposits leading to heart attacks• Diabetes- it’s complex interplay between insulin and fat• Alzheimer- chews up nerve cells, The Brain On FIRE!• Asthma- inflammation of the lungs• Arthritis- inflammation in the joints and other tissues• Parkinson, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) and many more being discovered
  24. 24. Why Vemma ?One complete, ultra premium liquid formula that providesyour body the nutrients it needs for peak performance.Assistsyour body in the fight against FREE REDICAL.Helps protectyour body from the effects of aging. Scientifically formulatedby M.D.Ph.D. Yibing Wang. Clinically proven with resultspublished in peer-reviewed journals.
  25. 25. Why Vemma ? Superior Nutrition!• World’s Foremost Liquid Supplement. (98% Absorbable!)• 12 FULL SPECTRUM VITAMINS• 65 MAJOR AND TRACE MINERALS• Mangosteen (140 Healing Properties)• Aloe Vera• Organic Green Tea• Tastes GREAT !!!
  26. 26. Vemma helps to:•Boost energy•Builds immunity.•Improves eye sight•Enhances sexual libido•Improve thyroid function•Support insulin secretion•Manage weight reduction•Balance blood chloesterol•Increase micro blood circulation•Reduces joint stiffness and pain•Improve growth of hair, nail and skin.
  27. 27. •Support digestion, assimilation and elimination•Improve memory power and concentration inchildren•Reversal ageing effects and beautifies the skintexture•Restore sound sleep, reduce anxiety andpsychosomatic disorder•Deliver more nutrients through blood serum aidingnutrient transportation and absorption
  28. 28. R Vemma Products• Vemma Rs. 5000/- for 2 bottles2) Thirst Rs. 5250/- for 30 Sachets
  29. 29. R TM Getting Started THEPerfectBusiness
  31. 31. R• Fast Start Bonus (Direct)• Cycle Bonus (Binary)• Momentum Bonus (Salary)• Rank Advancement Bonus (One Time Bonus)• First Tier Enroller Bonus (1st Gen)• First Tier Enroller Matching Bonus (2nd Gen)• Global Bonus Pool
  32. 32. CYCLE BONUS Left Right 180 CV 360 CV 3 : 6 180 CV / 360 CV = 1 Cycle = $22-$25$ 25000/- to $ 35000/- per week Ceiling Criteria : 1 Personal Enroller left & right Must Active
  33. 33. MOMENTUM BONUSYou Will Be Paid Momentum Bonus For An AveragePeriod Of 12 Months If You Maintain L500 CV : R500CV From Your Direct Enrollee & Enrollee Of YourDirect Enrollee Depending Upon Your Rank. Left Right 500 CV 500 CV
  34. 34. MOMENTUM BONUS STRUCTURE MOMENTUM Cycles In 4 Criteria BONUSWeek Period RANK Left / Right (For Max. 12 Months) 1 Cycle - BRONZE $ 100.00 5 Cycle Bronze / Bronze SILVER $ 200.00 10 Cycle Silver / Silver GOLD $ 300.00 20 Cycle Gold / Gold DIAMOND $ 400.00
  35. 35. RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS 2 Consecutive Months1St Month 2nd Month Rank Rank Bonus 1 Cycle 1 Cycle Bronze $0 5 Cycle 5 Cycle Silver $100 10 Cycle 10 Cycle Gold $250 20 Cycle 20 Cycle Diamond $500 50 Cycle 50 Cycle Platinum $750 75 Cycle 75 Cycle Star Platinum $1000 100 Cycle 100 Cycle Executive $1500 175 Cycle 175 Cycle Star Executive $2000 Paid once
  36. 36. RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS 6 Consecutive Months1St Month 2nd Month Rank Rank Bonus 250 Cycle 250 Cycle Presidential $3000 375 Cycle 375 Cycle Star Presidential $5000 500 Cycle 500 Cycle Ambassador $10000 1000 Cycle 1000 Cycle Star Ambassador $15000 2000 Cycle 2000 Cycle Royal Ambassador $25000 4000 Cycle 4000 Cycle Star Royal $100000 Ambassador 6000 Cycle 6000 Cycle Pinnacle Leader $250000 Paid once
  37. 37. FIRST-TIER ENROLLER BONUS 1 Generation stYou Will Be Paid 10% of Cycle BonusBeing Earned By Your Direct Enrollee. 10 % 10 % Left RightCriteria : 4 Personal Enroller Must Be Active
  38. 38. FIRST-TIER ENROLLER MATCHING BONUS 2nd Generation You Will Be Paid An Additional 10% of Cycle Bonus Being Earned By Direct Enrollee Of Your Direct Enrollee. 10 % 10 % Left Right Criteria : 6 Personal Enroller Must Be Active
  39. 39. Global Pool Bonus VeMMA gives 3% of Global salesas Global Pool Bonus Every 12 Weeks
  40. 40. Global Pool Bonus Structure Pools % Half Share Full Share Pearl Bonus 0.5% 160 Cycles 240 Cycles Pool Ruby Bonus 0.5% 400 Cycles 600 Cycles Pool Sapphire 0.5% 1000 Cycles 1500 Cycles Bonus Pool Emerald 0.5% 2000 Cycles 3000 Cycles Bonus Pool Royal Bonus 1.0% 5000 Cycles 10000 Cycles Pool
  41. 41. Global Pool Bonus Structure Royal Bonus Pool 1% Emerald Bonus Pool 0.50% Sapphire Bonus Pool 0.50% Ruby Bonus Pool 0.50% Pearl Bonus Pool 0.50% P a rt one
  42. 42. Show me the money
  43. 43. Thanks