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Evaluation Part 2


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Evaluation Part 2

  1. 1. EVALUATION PART 2: Who would be the target audience for your product?
  2. 2. Who is your target audience? • The target audience for our title sequence/film is 15-30 year olds, both male and female. • Our age certificate is 15 so we thought it would be best to start from there and end at 30. • People of these ages are the most likely to have money to spend at the cinema. • Our genre of film is action/drama and the main target audience for action is teenagers. • The older people targeted at our film will also enjoy the action, and may relate to the characters better because they come from a small background and have big dreams. (The younger audience could also relate to that.
  3. 3. Age certificate • We chose to have the age certificate as 15 because there is violence, drugs, mild sexual content and weapons involved. • We debated having it an 18 however we would loose out on half of our targeted teen audience which would decrease ticket sales. • Teenagers these days are exposed to all of the above anyway so we did not think it mattered as no one would be offended. • The films we researched all have a 15 rating too (apart from one) and include all the iconography we do which is another reason we chose to rate it 15. • The last reason we chose to have our age certificate as 15 was because when we did our pitch the people in our class, both male and female enjoyed and loved the idea.
  4. 4. Female demographics • White • Make up • Jewellery • Money • Designer stuff • Expensive cars • Boys Lifestyle includes partying, drinking, experimenting with drugs, going out a lot, close to friends, rebelling – similar to the girls in our title sequence (relatable). The girls could refer to Laura Mulvets male gaze theory as sexually attractive women are targeted by our male characters.
  5. 5. Male demographics • White/Black • Expensive cars • Interest in girls • Designer clothing • Watches Partying, drinking, playing videogames, watching movies, going out, drugs. Men tend to enjoy the sense of danger and thrill created in our narrative.