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Shop eat presentation


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ShopEat turns ANY recipe into a shopping list to your mobile device.
We have a successful Beta testing in Israel (iOS + Android)

Our seamless solution works on any recipe website with no interaction or need to involve the 3rd party website owner.
We focus on creating shopping lists by API and give developers connect their food blogs and apps to on-line shopping.

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Shop eat presentation

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  2. 2. Please show the next slide to your wife
  3. 3. The Problem Converting a recipe into a shopping list is annoying!
  4. 4. The Solution ShopEat converts any recipe into a shopping list on your phone
  5. 5. Business Model Personalized promotions for brands and products
  6. 6. Market Trends “On-line food purchases will be 5X bigger within 7 years” “Recipe websites are on top for in-store mobile searches”
  7. 7. Addressable Market 84% of smartphone users integrate their mobile phone into their grocery shopping in some way Before going to store, 36% of consumers research grocery purchases online, mostly in Recipes site (67%) Regularly searches for recipes online that cooking is their favorite leisure activity Family oriented with household Income $50k+ Spend between $200 to over $500 a month on groceries
  8. 8. Go to Market Strategy Recipes websites used as distribution channel to reach our end-users (>20,000 sites in U.S) On first stage, our focus is on the middle range sites that drives avg traffic of 100K unique users per month (~2,000 sites in U.S) ShopEat offers free tools to those websites that enhanced users experience on their site and increase time spent on site.
  9. 9. Competition ShopEat Whisk ZipList Positioning few affiliations few affiliations Thousands of affiliations Clients 25K (Israel only) Few thousands 3M Features advantages Embedded button Turns any Recipe (bookmarklet) Widget Appearance (images, qty..) Recipes ideas according to Ingredients you already have Automated route plan based on grocery list Coupons offers On line Purchases List Sharing Personal Recipe Box on publishers Recipe aggregation with social activity Ingredients Images on list Usable App for in-store shopping (Basic)
  10. 10. What we need $500K to promote and market the product in the U.S. market with additional development for the incoming year. - Enter the U.S. market with an affiliation program - API + iOS & Android development continues
  11. 11. The Team Moshe Bar-Oz – CEO & CTO Over 13 years experience with web development and SEO content. Owner of “eXite”, a web platform solutions company. Eitan Koniarski – CMO & Product Manager Over 5 years experience in the field of software quality assurance. Former founder and sales manager at “IP-Shops” - VOIP devices company. Our team also includes an iOS & Web developer.
  12. 12. Thank You Moshe Bar-Oz +972.522.617.079 Eitan Koniarski +972.504.789.457