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Reducing Homelessness in Your Community, Part 2


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EAH Housing's part 2 of the Reducing Homelessness in Your Community blog series, which discusses further the challenges that the homeless community face on a daily basis.

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Reducing Homelessness in Your Community, Part 2

  2. 2. AS MENTIONED IN PART 1, More people are experiencing homelessness than ever before. It’s a complicated issue with no quick solution, and there are likely even more people suffering from homelessness than we realize, given the hidden forms of homelessness.  E A H H O U S I N G
  3. 3. is the most visible form of homelessness (seeing people on the streets), but statistics don’t take into account people sleeping in their cars, “couch surfing” with friends, or squatting in unsafe buildings. These situations are often just as dangerous as sleeping on the streets, and yet resources are unavailable to them. Rough Sleeping
  4. 4. HOMELESSNESS IS FUNDAMENTALLY DEFINED  To have a home, though, you have to be able to buy or rent one, and that can be expensive, especially without a steady income. Even with a steady income, there is no state where someone who earns a minimum wage salary can afford a two-bedroom apartment at market rate. Housing in Southern California has literally never been more expensive. If you are looking to a buy or rent a home, prices are great for the family selling the house, but less so for the family looking to buy it. B Y L A C K O F H O U S I N G E A H H O U S I N G
  5. 5. AFFORDABLE HOUSING EXISTS specifically for families who are unable to afford the current housing rates despite having full- time jobs, as well as many others, but there are not nearly enough homes to fit them. For every 100 poor families in the United States, only 31 affordable housing units are available, which leaves the other 69 families struggling to find somewhere to live.  E A H H O U S I N G
  6. 6. however, are working to get people the homes and stability they not only need but fundamentally deserve. And if we can find permanent, quality affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness, that’s the best starting point to end homelessness in all communities permanently. Companies like EAH Housing
  7. 7. VIEW PART 1 ON EAH HOUSING'S VIMEO CHANNEL For more information on affordable housing, visit EAH Housing's website at E A H H O U S I N G