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Top Search Strategies                              Ethical Conduct in Your SearchBefore you jump into your search, conside...
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Conducting an Ethical Search


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Conducting an Ethical Search

  1. 1. Top Search Strategies Ethical Conduct in Your SearchBefore you jump into your search, consider While you are keeping track of all the elements of your search, be surea few recommendations that will help you your ethical conduct remains a constant the whole way through. Shouldto search smart, manage your time, and you have questions about the ethical thing to do in a given situation,implement an effective plan. please contact the Career Center. We are here to help clarify andA search is a long-term process. Longer explain whatever may seem muddy. If you are in a pinch for time, always than many people anticipate. Plan to err on the side of caution. spend four or more months gearing up and The following are expectations for how to conduct yourself in a way that implementing a search for a full-time or is ethical so as to prevent situations that could result in a permanent highly competitive internship opportunity. scar on your professional reputation within an industry as well as Many students have compared this damage to the reputation of Duke students as a whole: commitment to taking an additional class.Set aside time on a regular basis. Unlike Be 100 percent truthful and accurate on your resume. a paper or project that can be postponed Embellishments and exaggerations are considered lying. Employers or worked on in surges, the best searches often look beyond candidates’ resumes to verify information that are spread over time. Put time on your candidates have provided. Don’t falsify, stretch, or bend information calendar each week—an hour or so for such as your GPA, SAT scores, involvement in activities, leadership roles downtime and a few hours during peak you have held, or results in competitions in which you have participated. periods. On-Campus Recruiting Policy: Falsifying your resume may result inPrioritize your interests. Spend time being reported to Duke’s Office of Student Conduct and subject to exploring to effectively target your sanctions, being banned from the Career Center’s on-campus recruiting search to your interests. Three fantastic program permanently, and forfeiting employment opportunities. applications to great-fit opportunities tend to reap more rewards than 100 scattershot Attend interviews to which you have committed. By applications. agreeing to an interview (whether through eRecruiting, email, or phone),Learn what an optimal candidate profile you are making a commitment. Should you need or desire to withdraw from an interview, timely notification is a must. includes. The better picture you have of On-Campus Recruiting Policy: You may remove yourself from an the person who would be selected for your interview schedule no less than two business days prior to your desired role, the more effective you will be interview. Students who withdraw any later or do not show up will be at presenting your own experiences. Utilize barred from the On-Campus Recruiting program. Reinstatement will the three exploration methods discussed require a letter of apology to the recruiter and a meeting with a Career earlier in this guide to get a well-rounded Center staff member. view.Practice presenting yourself in writing Communicate in a timely manner with employers. Don’t and in conversation. Your ability to ignore phone calls and emails from employers as you go through the articulate what you want and why comes process of accepting or declining interviews or job offers. If you need only through reflection and practice. Create more time when determining details such as start dates, relocation opportunities to rehearse before you find information, etc., it is best to be in touch, be straightforward about the yourself in an interview for that coveted reason for delay or uncertainty, and request more time. position.Get feedback. Have others read your resume Consider your verbal or written acceptance of an offer and guess what kind of position you are seeking. Practice introducing yourself and a binding contract. Reneging on an offer is when you accept an offer then turn it down. This behavior typically ends any chances of expressing your professional interests to employment with that organization in the future. family or friends. Ask your roommate to On-Campus Recruiting Policy: Students that renege on a job offer will role-play an interview with you. have their eRecruiting account inactivated and will have to meet withTrack your progress. Keep records so that Career Center staff to discuss the particular situation as well as take you know what applications and documents steps to repair the relationship with the employer. have gone where and when. Track whom you have talked to, when, how you have followed up, and whether more follow up End your search upon accepting a position. Once you have accepted a job or internship, whether verbally or in writing, you must is expected. This helps you when preparing terminate any other recruiting-related activity with other employers. for an interview or actively managing This includes contacting employers with whom you are scheduled to your conversations and professional interview and removing yourself from candidate pools. relationships. It also gives you a record of On-Campus Recruiting Policy: Continuing to pursue other your progress for days that feel stalled. opportunities once you have accepted a position is a violation of the Career Center’s on-campus recruiting policies. Your account in eRecruiting will be deactivated and you will be expected to meet with a Career Center staff member to discuss the situation and to work on 26 repairing the relationship with the organization.