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  1. 1. Few culinary creations can rival that of the freshly prepared crab cake. Gourmet crab cakes should be sweet and sultry, like soul food of the sea. Thisrequires they be made with Blue crabs, Jonah crabs, or rock crabs, which abound from the tip of Florida to the Jersey Shore. While crab enthusiasts from seaside cities like Annapolis, Maryland may tout their own recipe as the "best" or the "most original," there is no right or wrong way to make delicious crab cakes. As such, the archetypal recipe below makes for an easy first try while pleasing New England, Maryland, and Floridian crab lovers alike.diaper cakes
  2. 2. The following ingredients, or close variations, are represented in almostevery crab cake recipe: A pound of crab meat-see information belowabout the different kinds of crab meat and preparation processes One totwo eggs A cup of breadcrumbs or two slices of white bread A slosh ofmilk or olive oil to soften the bread A beaten egg Two teaspoons ofmayonnaise One teaspoon of dark mustard One teaspoon of lemonjuice Two teaspoons of Old Bay spice A pinch of baking powder Beforeyou begin to prepare and cook your gourmet crab cakes, make sure youhave found the highest quality of crab meat available While boiling freshcrabs and then picking the meat is undoubtedly time-consuming, it makesfor the most succulent crab cakes If you dont have access to freshcrabs, try to find lump crab at a local seafood market
  3. 3. Ideally, this meat will be hand-picked and not mechanically separatedBoth options will work perfectly with the following prep and cookingmethods First, combine all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl,minus the crab meat
  4. 4. Then, just like making hamburgers and meatballs, use your hands to mixeverything together After youve achieved a uniform consistency, add thecrab meat Continue mixing for a minute afterward to evenly distribute themeat
  5. 5. Once mixing is done, form patties and saut them with butter, olive oil, ora combination You can also cook them at 365 degrees for about fifteenminutes
  6. 6. As it concerns seasoning and side dishes, diehard Maryland and othermid-Atlantic crab enthusiasts will insist on Old Bay spice Made fromfourteen different ingredients, Old Bay is perfect for crabs and othersomekeyword
  7. 7. For a quick and easy tartar sauce, simply combine and stir a cup ofmayonnaise, a fourth of a cup of sweet relish, and a tablespoon of lemonjuice Southern style crab feasts can also feature cornbread, corn on thecob, coleslaw, and fried okra
  8. 8. In the end, crab cakes arent intimidating at all The only way to reallybotch this recipe is to use low quality crab meat
  9. 9. By always buying fresh, whether its hand-picked lump crab or straightout of the Chesapeake, you will see, smell, and taste incredible resultsAnd of course you can always purchase pre-made diaper cakes specialtygourmet crab cakes and no one will be the wiser!
  10. 10. diaper cakes