health education health education and community pharmacy environment and health community pharmacy inhibitors glucose rna dna wax vit d sop polysaccharides instrumentation validation rheumatic heart diseases stroke blindness cardiovascular diseases hypertension diabetes cancer non communicable diseases uric acid salvage pathway genome genetic code gout hyperuricemia initiation termination translation transcription replication semi conservative model pyrimidine purines hiv virus(human immunodeficiency virus) niesseria gonorrhoea. cluster testing treponema pallidium. gonorrhoea aids syphilis obesity fatty liver atherosclerosis steroid hormones hypercholesterolemia bile salts bile acids de novo pathway ketoacidosis cholesterol palmitic acid ketogenesis ketone bodies beta oxidation hyperbilirubinemia catecholamines nor adrenaline adrenaline dopamine heme melatonin serotonin tyrosinemia type 1 alkaptonuria: albinism: phenylketonuria( pku): homogentisate. hyperammonemia ammonia urea urea cycle decarboxylation deamination transamination mycobacterium leprae tetanus toxoid tetano spasmin clostridium tetani chlamydia trachomatis human diploid cell vaccine antirabis vaccine hydrophobia lyssa virus tetanus leprosy trachoma rabies anopheles mosquito. plasmodium rat flea yersinia pestis filariasis malaria plague uncouplers atp generation chemiosmotic hypothesis chemical coupling hypothesis rotary model atp synthase enzyme complex cytochromes substrate level phosphorylation respiratory chain oxidative phosphorylation electron transport chain glycogenolysis glycogenesis glycogen storage diseases gsd g6p deficiency disorders glucose 6 phosphate catabolism anabolism gluconeogenesis metabolism glycogen hmp shunt glycolysis citric acid cycle water carriage system sewage system latrines excreta disposal hot fermentation burial dumping controlled tipping composting burning incerination refuse dots ntp dtp droplet infection swine flu communicable diseases diphtheria tuberculosis whooping cough influenza measles chicken pox anopheles culex cyclops bed bugs mice flies lice ticks fleas mosquito medical entamology food poisoning hookworm infection typhoid cholera hepatitis polio smear gram staining isolation of microbes moulds yeasts microbiology zein neilson acid fast staining bacillus cocci virion fungi virus bacteria dehydrogenase biochemistry biocatalyst holoenzymes prosthetic groups coenzymes iso enzymes allosteric suicide inhibition competitive inhibition enzyme inhibition line weaver plot michelis menton plot classification of enzymes kinetics enzymes ortho toludine test hardness of water disinfection of well domestic filters slow sand filter filtration chlorination purification of water water borne diseases pollution water glycolipids lipoproteins phospholipids fructose biomlecules complex lipids simple lipids monosaccharides essential amino acids derived proteins conjugated proteins simple proteins fats proteins amino acids redox potential entergonic exergonic free energy entrophy enthalpy high energy bonds energy rich compounds high energy compounds c amp atp lighting noise air bfr master formula record vit k vit e vit a water soluble fat soluble vitamins pq oq iq sat fat design validation preventive maintenance calibration requalification super critical fluid critical pressure critical temperature ich guidelines gcp glp qau gmp qa qc paris convention pct patent application patentee patent ftir fermi resonance electronic effects vibrations ir gamp 5 electronic signature electronic records csvmp 21 cfr part 11 munson walker lane eynon method oligosacchardies monosacchrides carbohydrates components principle multi component analysis quantitative qualitative analysis validation planning loq lod range specificity linearity precision accuracy usp ich
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