Whats new in eCognition 8.8


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Pioneered a decade ago for satellite remote sensing, eCognition enables geospatial data such as images, point clouds and Geographic Information System (GIS) vectors to be integrated and analyzed to quantify features or detect changes over time. eCognition 8.8 now extends these capabilities for mobile terrestrial data collection applications.

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Whats new in eCognition 8.8

  1. 1. eCognition 8.8 Highlights October 2012 Presented by Christian Weise©2010 Trimble Navigation Limited
  2. 2. Presenting eCognition 8.8 eCognition 8.8 features revolutionary Land Mobile data analysis capability, advanced object based point cloud analysis techniques and extended development environment Release Date: October 2012 Who’s eligible? All users with a valid maintenance contract as of October 2012©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 2
  3. 3. eCognition 8.8 Highlights Land Mobile Feature Extraction Leverage eCognition’s object based approach to extract features from land mobile data Land Point 8.8 Extended Object Based Point Cloud Analysis Apply new point cloud features and analysis Mobile Cloud algorithms to effectively combine raster, vector Analysis Analysis and point cloud data Improved Development Environment Integrate into 3rd party software building on Rule Set eCognition’s API environment. Benefit from Development extended vector formats and build rule sets capable of adapting to varying data and processing states©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 3
  4. 4. Land Mobile Feature Extraction I • “Top Down” and “Camera View” analysis  Extended capabilities for mobile terrestrial systems (i.e. MX8)  Perspectives for horizontal and vertical Feature extraction Top Down View Camera View Classification©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 4
  5. 5. Land Mobile Feature Extraction II • 3D Export  3D line extraction from classified point clouds  Export point clouds in Trident LAS 2.0 format • Trident Analyst support  Create eCognition projects based on Trident data sets  Load point clouds in Trident LAS 2.0 format©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 5
  6. 6. Object Based Point Cloud Analysis • Point Cloud handling  Adapt point cloud raster resolution and extent  Virtually merge multiple point clouds • Point Cloud features and algorithms  Extended descriptive objects and scene statistics  Extended point cloud filtering parameters Quantile 10 Mean/Mode Quantile 90©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 6
  7. 7. Development Environment • Extended Vector Support  Load thematic layer in ESRI File Geodatabase format (*.gdb)  Export vector layer in ESRI File Geodatabase format (*.gdb) ESRI FileGDB • Workflow & Arrays  Extended SOAP Automation API (SDK) to change rule set parameter in 3rd party 3rd Party software Software  Array support to adapt rule set to varying Rule Set Parameter processing states • Algorithms, features & bug fixes  12 New and improved Algorithms  16 New and improved Features  >60 Other Changes and Bug Fixes©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 7
  8. 8. FAQ Q: How will I get eCognition 8.8? A: All users with a maintenance contract valid on October 2012 are entitled to eCognition 8.8 at no charge. The eCognition licensing team automatically sends out download information for all eligible customers via email. New customers should contact eCognition sales at www.eCognition.com Q: How can I download eCognition 8.8 for 32-bit operating systems? A: eCognition 8.8 will be the last one to support 32-bit operating systems. If you want to download the 32-bit product editions please contact the eCognition support (www.eCognition.com/support). Q: Will eCognition 8.7 still run if I install eCognition 8.8? A: eCognition 8.7 will also run on the eCognition 8.8 license therefore you can switch between versions any time. Q: Will eCognition 8 rule sets run on eCognition 8.8? A: eCognition 8.8 is downward compatible, this means you can run all 8.x rule sets. eCognition 8.8 rule sets will not work on Developer 8.7 however. Q: Is there a trial version for eCognition 8.8 A: Yes, can find a trial version for eCognition 8.8 at http://www.ecognition.com/products/trial-software Note: *eCognition® Server is not included with trial software download package. eCognition Developer trial version allows non time limited full software access with the following restrictions: Disabled, in this demo: export functions, saving of rule sets, workspace environment. Projects saved in the trial version cannot be opened in a fully-licensed version of eCognition Developer.©2011 Trimble 15-Oct-12 8
  9. 9. Thank You©2010 Trimble Navigation Limited