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Lucies Life Lessons


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An introductory Lightning talk that introduces me, and Lucie, my 1967 Riley Elf Passion project that was delviered at our HM Retreat, a company get together in Petritoli, Italy, October 2017

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Lucies Life Lessons

  1. 1. Lucie’s 10 Lessons for Life Lucie’s Life Lessons
  2. 2. Life is Too Short for Regrets
  3. 3. Talk to Strangers
  4. 4. Lucie’s 10 Lessons for Life If an Idea won’t Let Go… … Follow It.
  5. 5. If It’s Meant to be... it Will...
  6. 6. Ignore the Haters
  7. 7. Lucie’s 10 Lessons for Life Good Things Take Time
  8. 8. Patience will be Rewarded
  9. 9. Naming Things is Hard
  10. 10. Lucie’s 10 Lessons for Life Don’t be too Proud to 
 let your Friends Push You...
  11. 11. It’s your Differences that Set You Apart from the Crowd
  12. 12. Lucie’s 10 Lessons for Life So Just Get out there and be YOU