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Anti Blah! A quick guide to brandable business names


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A guide to brandable names - and why they're good for business. Our quick, visual guide highlights the advantages of choosing a business name with brand potential, rather than a generic, descriptive business name.

  • Great to see a branding (naming) firm employing the counter-intuitive principles that foster greater affinity, recall, and word of mouth. Here is an explanation of why the science says you should choose a name for your product or company that isn't descriptive:
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Anti Blah! A quick guide to brandable business names

  1. 1. B named AND WHY THEY'RE soon FOR BUSINESS. Novcungm
  2. 2. t A S T . ..'? ‘ i~4t. :_: :wS '. '‘'Hi “I: 'rIIIl”('—lSIlrf= .l5‘ (I Lil: -|ifIll’lSI'—1“-J‘: ‘-9‘%(L.5~. I.(
  3. 3. _LlJ_L JL _S_LJ_ _LJ_L JL Buameagfe. named an SHORT So one-word names are best. They're easier to say. spell and remember. They're more practical than wordy blah names. too.
  4. 4. Blah names simply aren't attractive.
  5. 5. Bmwlafilenameaam FLEXIBLE Businesses change over time. A non-descriptive brand name will give it space to grow and develop.
  6. 6. named am FINDABLE
  7. 7. Bmntfagfenajueaalte DISTINCTIVE Blah names are obvious. or me-too names. (Stick your neck out. and don't be a copycat. ) 00
  8. 8. Blah names maybe accurate or descriptive. But they'll never be brands. It's “Amazon" not “BooksOnline". Bmnflaue named. aneoif "“93.%': ;.‘: :;*. ::l°” R
  9. 9. no» i / X ’ ‘ i‘.1e4L_il_e_(A4I_gL/ ’_u ILAIALAIQUAQA4 (L‘5!'JJL. .‘ ‘ i T T ‘ S i _ Sometimes they defy reason. So with your heart. because You can't always explain them. people never love blah names.
  10. 10. Think big. Be forward-looking. Optimistic. (Blah is so Yesterday. )
  11. 11. | // emuuascmmaam V VALUE Overtime. they become more than a name. They become a tangible asset. A blah name is always . ..a name.
  12. 12. ‘A7 ‘ I ‘ L r » ‘ . lA. I,b‘1‘. ‘Av, l.'.1’_: A’J ‘. _)~U‘. .,L ‘: /‘l/ It says something about a business. It adds credibility and authority. (Blah names make awkward compromises. )
  13. 13. 73mmfla5[ena. wLe4a. ne SMART They're for leaders, not followers . they're not the easy option. But brandable names are great for business.
  14. 14. Novcrngm B named NOT BLAH NAMES novanym. com Q