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My Survey Results And Analysis


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My Survey Results And Analysis

  1. 1. My Survey Results and Analysis<br />I sent my survey out and got 20 replies’ back in the time period of 2 weeks these were sent out to people at my target market of young adults, although these also ended up being mainly students which could affect the results slightly and will need to be taken into account in my evaluation.<br />342900563880Can you name any programmes on television that contains a disabled character and their name?<br />Some Example Answers:<br />Hollyoaks character Hayley -Kelly Marie Stewart<br />The Office; Brenda<br />This shows that the majority of people are aware of the characters presence on the television and see them as memorable characters. Only a few people weren’t able to think of anybody of the top of their head and this helps to show that disabled characters are shown in many well known television shows. Hollyoaks character showing up backs up my information on the show that I have done as it is very popular and well known with young adults. <br />Can you name any singers who are disabled or any bands that contain a disabled person?<br />342900-1905<br /> Some Example Answers:<br />Stevie Wonder<br />The results above clearly show that when it comes to artists, there are very few that are well known and have a disability. This is the result as I had expected as there are very few well–known bands or singers. This is due to the fact that the music industry is glamorised and that disability does not seem to obtain a part of. The music industry is highly voyeuristic and this then leads to problems where a disabled person is concerns. This is shown by the lack of appearance of a disabled person within the music industry, which could portray the wrong images to the youth of today. This could be partly responsible for giving a poor portrayal of disability and could be the root to social problems faced by this. <br />Which pair took until 8 and 12 before they could read due to a learning disability?<br />I used this question to find out the knowledge of young adults of the way that a person within the media may chose to hide a disability as they fear this could affect their careers. <br />1028700153670<br />As shown above most people thought that it would have been the two singers I had chosen as an option that had a disability. The correct answer was Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, although most people decided to choose against this as they are well known inventors and not thought of to have suffered disabilities. <br />Some of my respondents have said that they chose the singers as they thought these would be the people most likely to hide their disabilities as though they were ashamed because of how famous they were, and others where just guessing. Another commented saying they knew Elton John suffered from a disability but were unsure what this was. These results show that disability is not a well known and talked about subject as everybody knows who the people are but not really anything about the person themselves. <br />Which of these does Elton John suffer from?<br />I used this question to find out how well known a musicians disability is and to therefore see the contribution and effect this has on young adults. <br />1143000102870<br />From these results it is clear to see that the young adults think that Elton John Suffers from a Learning Disability when actually he is autistic. Mainly I believe this answer has come as a result as my previous questions as the same amount of people have selected this. Elton John is a well known and very famous musician yet so many people no nothing of his disability as he had tried to keep this hidden. Through this the stars of today are not helping the issues of disability within the music industry as they try to keep theirs a secret rather then embracing it as more and more people are doing today. Through keeping this hidden, he is helping to add the poor portrayal of disability to young adults and therefore lowering the awareness. <br />Can you name anybody who has been in the Paralympics?<br />2286004445<br /> Some Example Answers <br />Tannie Grey Thompson<br />Steven Redgrave<br />This shows the insignificant knowledge that is put across about the Paralympics has not in any way been easily presented towards young adults. Several people where unsure about the Paralympics in general and were able to name contestants from the Olympics instead. The Paralympics is a great sporting event but it needs to be more advertised and well known among the younger population to constitute to an accepting society.<br />Do you think that disabled people appear on television at a level that reflects their presence in society?<br />This shows the high about of people who are unaware of the presence of disability as well as the high amount of people who think that disability should be more widely shown. This makes me wonder why if so many people would like to see it television shows still minimize it within their programmes.<br />