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Dan.Deveson.IWCE 2016 Interferenc v4


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Dan.Deveson.IWCE 2016 Interferenc v4

  1. 1. Urban Interference Challenges, Solutions, Futures Load a QR code scanner on your phone with this presentation
  2. 2. ● DASaster: April 2015 Miami-Dade Massive Interference ● Distant co-channel Carrier Desense/alarms ● DFW “wandering” carrier & broadband intermittent noise Recent Experiences Get This Presentation
  3. 3. Miami-Dade & Broward Harris & Motorola Analog & Digital Many thousands of garbled, missed and dropped calls over 10+ miles of dense urban core. A Public Safety Emergency, by any definition. Diary of a DASaster April 2015
  4. 4. Radio Systems Impacted: ● Miami-Dade County ● City of Miami ● City of Hialeah ● City of Aventura ● Broward County ● State of Florida (SLERS) Diary of a DASaster NPSTC (item 3) tableId=37&column=217&id=3403&file =Examples_Interference_for_Public_ Safety_042515.pdf
  5. 5. ● 41 Stories, open balcony hallways ● DAS Antenna each balcony ● 5 concatenated BDA’s throughout ● 425 dB gain, 15 watts composite wideband power ● Donor antenna pointed in wrong direction(!) ● Oscillation alarms disabled ● No coordination with AHJ at turn up Potential 7 figure costs to owner. The Truly Ugly The Details https://www.linkedin. com/pulse/diary-dasaster-das- gone-wild-dan-deveson
  6. 6. Urban Turmoil: DFW 806-809 MHz PS Uplink @ DFW “Wandering Carrier” over 1 MHz Causing channel alarms & Rolling control channels 10 dB “broadband bursts” (Suspected) raising inbound BER Possibly affecting digital voting Cannot see with lower tier service monitors Used Anritsu S412E w. 6 GHz option “Waterfall” display over 3 minutes
  7. 7. What can WE do? 1. Incubate Physics: It’s not just smart, It’s the Law Formed Professional Wireless Users Group to seek solutions together. Hosted Seminars & Invited Guest Experts to present. Create Shared Solutions for Common Problems
  8. 8. What can WE do? 2. Innovate 17 dB gain & 23 dB isolation @ 60 MPH… Gets the job done, if you’re motivated... Duct Tape & Anritsu… For now it’s the State of our Art. retaliator-dan-deveson?trk=mp-reader-card The Retaliator
  9. 9. What can WE do? 3. Legislate Broward Board of Rule and Appeals In- Building Subcommittee developed for Public Safety BDA/DAS Invited deep industry participation as voting members Modified Building Code to require defensible engineering designs to be required as part of permitting content/uploads/2016/03/Broward-In-Building- RF-Code-Mods.pdf Local Governments can enforce design & deployment standards leveraging NFPA-72
  10. 10. What can WE do? 4. Anticipate Detection/Location Solutions available with multinodal networked wideband historical heatmaping Pilot planning, consensus, no $ ~$2M could protect South Florida ( <1% of ~$250M of PS RF assets) Funding Sought: Bounty? SuperPAC?? Lottery??? Courtesy CFRS The alternative is certain DASaster
  11. 11. Thank You Your RF Zen Dan Deveson (305)970-9220 Have Spectrum Analyzer, Will Travel!