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unpleasant and unfavo how can we possibly avoid conflict in these emotio clashes occur. we might even say that some of our as much as we would prefer otherwise dangers of addiction spiriutal books characteristics of an enlightened man awakening right knowledge inclination towards enlightenment gnanipurush spiritual quotes salvation knowledge of soul aptsutra not to hurt the foundation of any religio internal awarenes free from ego ego is not to be hur criticize offend insul correct understanding inner awareness realize the self marriage karma in life sahajta sahaj towards innateness innateness innate real meaning of miracle chamatkar true spirituality miracle what is karma what is soul self realizations of science spiritual awaking the angry man is a weakling anger pride deceit greed anger avoid anger quotes anger management books death and immortality trimantra meaning navkar mantra embodiment of self knowledge mantras for happiness embodiment miracles events experiences spiritual 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