GPS Tracking System for Law Enforcement


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GPS Tracking System for Law Enforcement

  1. 1. Law Enforcement Solutions
  2. 2. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w•Skypatrol is a world leader in GPS based vehicle and mobile asset monitoring solutions.The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices throughout The UnitedStates and South America.•With over 650,000 units sold to date, Skypatrol is an innovative leader that offers themost comprehensive tracking, monitoring and reporting solutions in the industrycoupled with 24/7 customer support and a nationwide installer network.•Facilities •Corporate headquarters: 3055 NW 84th Avenue, Miami, Florida (40,000 square ft facility) •Manufacturing: Our contract manufacturer designs product in Dallas, Texas and produces in Thailand and China. •Warehousing: We have a separate 10,000 square foot distribution/warehousing facility in Miami, FL.•Customer Service: 24 hours a day 7 days a week via telephone or internet. Locate Monitor Control
  3. 3. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w With up to 17 Days of live tracking on a single charge the Patrolman Is the perfect Covert Tracking accessory for the narcotics detective. Locate Monitor Control
  4. 4. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w Signature Features Skypatrol’s convenient web based platform can be Simply set up the locations you want to monitor and accessed from any computer, Android device or Skypatrol will send you an e-mail or text message i-Phone to show exactly where the patrolman is at whenever the subject arrives or leaves. All of this all times and where it has been. information is time-stamped and available in convenient reports. Locate Monitor Control
  5. 5. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w w.skypatrol.comA Sherriffs office in Virginia (the case has not yet been finalized in court) In a 7 day period, the Patrolman (stuck toused the Patrolman as part of an ongoing investigation to track a suspected the undercarriage of the suspects vehicledrug trafficker. with the included 40lb magnetic clip) tracked the suspect to an address in Baltimore, MD where the suspect purchased a large quantity of a controlled substance and then tracked the suspect back to Virginia where he stopped at his home to break down the substance into smaller quantities and to each location of his dealer network. The result was complete exposure of a group of drug dealers within the Sherriff’s jurisdiction and opening a federal investigation of another drug trafficker in Baltimore. Locate Monitor Control
  6. 6. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w Only with Skypatrol’s Patrolman can you see the real-time location of all of your officers at an event – all day, without heavy battery packs or constant radio traffic. Send the closest officers to a location in seconds not minutes to defuse problems before they escalate. Locate Monitor Control
  7. 7. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w Signature Features Know the moment your officers are out of the area. About the size of a car key fob, the Patrolman Skypatrol’s Platform supports and unlimited amount conveniently fits securely and discretely in almost of “Geofence” boundaries which will alert you via any compartment or pocket. SMS text message or e-mail the moment the device, and your officer, crosses an invisible border. Locate Monitor Control
  8. 8. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w w.skypatrol.comOver 75,000 music fans descend on Miami’s Bicentennial Park every March for a three day electronic musicfestival. As one of the largest events in the city, multiple incidents occur at the same time which requireimmediate police presence. The Patrolman can make sure that only the closest available City of Miamiofficers are called to each incident through real time location reporting of the over 200 officers at theevent. Simply click the location of the incident on the map and have Skypatrol’s platform show you onlythe closest officers and their distance to the situation. Locate Monitor Control
  9. 9. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w Police Departments spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on surveillance equipment and other high value assets. The Patrolman’s ultra long standby time and immediate motion alerts mean departments and armories receive immediate notification when an asset is moved without authorization. Locate Monitor Control
  10. 10. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w Landmarks and Device Based Geofences allow assets to move around the precinct without sparking an alert but as soon as they leave the parking lot or the vicinity an alert is sent in real time to the shift sergeant or other supervisor who can track the asset in real time. Locate Monitor Control
  11. 11. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w Locate Monitor Control
  12. 12. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w •Intuitive and organized location reports •Convenient event reporting by unit or vehicle, sub-fleet and time Locate Monitor Control
  13. 13. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w •E-mail, SMS text and report notification when the vehicle enters or leaves the area. Locate Monitor Control
  14. 14. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w •Identify which units, employees or vehicles are available to answer emergency calls. Locate Monitor Control
  15. 15. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w •View vehicle location history in Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Earth views. Locate Monitor Control
  16. 16. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w •Absolutely No Installation Required •10 – 17 Day Battery Life On A Single Charge •IPX5 Water Resistant Housing •USB Charger & Magnetic Clip Included •24/7 Customer Support •No Monthly Fees •Over The Air Software Upgrades •Skypatrol Has Over 650,000 GPS Tracking Units in Operation Worldwide •Quad Band GSM Modem •Units can Roam in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Locate Monitor Control
  17. 17. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w This revolutionary GPS system, which has up to a 3-year battery life, allows you to determine the exact location of any asset at regular intervals, reducing the risks of your investment getting lost, and at the same time assisting in the prompt recovery of those assets if necessary. Locate Monitor Control
  18. 18. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w w.skypatrol.comStatic Time Reports Geofence Alerts Dynamic Geofence Alerts• Complete compact end-user device• No external connections or antennas X X X• Quad-band GSM• Enhanced GPS Sensitivity X X X• Motion-based or Scheduled Reporting• Battery powered - Up to 3 year operation• Rugged Out Door Use Locate Monitor Control
  19. 19. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w With Skypatrol’s Defender X Police can remotely disable the engine and lock the doors with a single click of the mouse. If staking out the chop shop is your goal – Special second by second reporting means Skypatrol will lead you directly to your suspect – redefining the term “caught red handed”. X Locate Monitor Control
  20. 20. lat 25.80 n - long 80.33 w 1.800.369.5007 w w• Real time tracking – up to every 30 seconds• Hardwired and Hidden• Quad-band GSM• Extreme GPS Sensitivity• Engine Kill & Door Lock/Unlock Feature• Send commands from your cell phone via SMS• Most reliable hardware on the market One Click to Kill Engine & Lock Doors Locate Monitor Control